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blog:The problem of waste, concerned?

Pallavi Mukerjee
Vail CO, Colorado
Pallavi Mukerjee

I was talking to a friend one day, when a Waste Management truck passed by. I commented on the quantity of waste in the truck, and in the country in general. My friend shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently “Why should it be my concern? It is not affecting me directly’.

Consequences of “Too much Trash”- I disagree with the above statement. The quantity of waste that is generated, managed, and disposed of either in the landfill or otherwise, has a direct co-relation to people and the environment around us. A lack of concern or awareness towards the increasing quantity of waste, proper waste management techniques, and available methods to reduce waste, has and will continue to have severe consequences. A few of these consequences include potential climate change, water and air pollution, and taking up valuable space in the landfill.

Awareness: Through my blog, I hope to create an increased awareness in our community, and (hopefully, elsewhere as well) about too much trash, risks and problems associated with improper management of solid waste, the different ways to reduce waste, how as a community one can take the initiative to reduce/recycle waste at home and around his/her own environment, the role of Eagle County Landfill in waste management, and the landfill’s new recycling programs.

Household Hazardous Waste: I will also talk about hazardous waste, the common household hazardous products found in homes, garages, and yards, dangers of improper disposal of household hazardous waste, a new facility in Eagle County Landfill for handling household hazardous waste, how as a community one can take steps to manage household hazardous products safely and use alternative products on a daily basis.

Interactive Discussion Tool: In my blog, I will attempt to contribute the above information in a pleasant and interesting manner. My objective is to use this as an outreach program and an interactive discussion tool to benefit our community and the environment, and encourage better waste management habits.

The Reader’s Input: I am new to the world of blogging and like all beginners I am sure I will make blunders till I feel comfortable as a regular blogger. I am positive it will be a good learning experience. I look forward to comments, suggestions, criticisms, and discussions, from the readers on my weekly posts. I would also welcome questions or any queries related to waste management or the environment and will strive to put together a “Reader Inspired Blog’ in the upcoming months.

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So are you ready to be steeped in the wonderful and massive world of waste????? Look forward to the very first blog next week- “Too Much Trash.”

Ms Mukerjee is the Hazardous Waste Specialist at the Eagle County Landfill. She has a Master’s in Environmental Planning from the University of Indiana and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. She can be contacted at

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