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Nicole Frey
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It all starts with crayons and a sheet of butcher paper. Now that you’ve got the kids occupied, you can peruse Blue Moose Pizza’s extensive menu of American-Italian classics and innovations, but the activity in the restaurant might steal your attention for another moment.

Peer into the open kitchen where cooks toss hand-made pizza crusts high into the air and mix batches of home-made tomato sauce. Blue Moose’s pizza ovens can churn out 250 pizzas in an hour – easily accommodating large groups and take-out orders simultaneously.

Or study the dozens of Blue Moose inspired paintings done by local children and marvel are where imagination can take you.

A place for everyone

“The biggest draw is that it’s very family-friendly,” said Suzy Melson, the general manger of Blue Moose’s Arrabelle location. Blue Moose’s sister store is in Beaver Creek. “It’s a bright, wholesome place to bring your kids.”

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The Little Moose kids menu features favorites like mac ‘n cheese, noodles ‘n butter and chicken fingers. Never fear, there’s food for grown-ups too.

Start off with Blue Moose’s version of bruschetta, which adds three cheeses, truffle oil and a balsamic reduction to the standard tomato, basil and garlic mixture.

All about the ‘za

While the offerings are plenty, it’s hard to pass up the pizza at Blue Moose. The head chefs of the Arrabelle and Beaver Creek pizzerias have flexed their creative muscles designing their signature pizzas.

On the Arrabelle side, Chef Andre Fusilli, dreamt up a pie of rock shrimp, roasted corn, cilantro pesto, garlic, parmesan and mozzarella.

“We didn’t have any seafood on the menu, and I just wanted to give it a different taste,” Fusilli said.

Up in Beaver Creek, Chef Rodrigo Gastelum fashioned a pizza with crimini mushrooms, goat cheese, truffle oil, garlic and parsley.

Both specialty pizzas will send your taste buds into a fit of ecstasy.

“We really provide something that’s great quality, reasonably priced, very nice and very family-oriented,” Fusilli said.

Breakout Box: Hit up happy hour at Blue Moose Pizza for a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza and a Bud or Bud Light draft for $5 from 3 to 5 p.m. daily.

Blue Moose Pizza

Beaver Creek Village Plaza


Arrabelle, Lionshead


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