Blurbs to live by in the new year |

Blurbs to live by in the new year

David O. Williams

By the time you read this, it will be 2004, but as I write it’s still ’03. So what lame column-writing gimmick do I use to honor the old year and ring in the new?My predictions could in no way touch the humor of Barry Smith (see page 19 and a mention later in this column), so instead I’ll go with the “cleaning off my desk” approach, using random blurbs to take care of a lot of loose ends left over from ’03. First, in our Best and Worst of the Vail Valley 2003 edition (Vail Trail, Dec. 26,, we failed to mention the worst newspaper blunder of the year (at least in this publication): Kent Logan spent $15,323 on his Vail Town Council election campaign, not $15 million. The local political process has been taken to a new level, but nowhere near the Arianna Huffington stratosphere. Our apologies, Kent. Secondly, from the ridiculous to the sublime: The Vail Trail once again will bring home some hardware in the annual Colorado Press Association Better Newspaper Contest in February.The aforementioned Mr. Smith won for humorous column writing; our production manager, Amanda Swanson, took home two awards, best black and white ad (with sales rep Amy Pease) and best news page design; photographer Dan Davis won for best sports photo essay; and our Website was honored for best design and best community Website a real tribute to our content and the hard work of the good folks at East West Technology. Rarely do I receive as much feedback for a column as I did for one a few weeks back about how sick everyone seemed to be in the valley in November, particularly my two young sons. A quick update: they’re both doing great. Some minor hacking, wheezing and sniffling lingers, but for the most part, energy levels have never been higher. Thanks for all the words of concern. Celebrity sightings over the holidays: President-elect Al Gore and longtime Johnny Carson sidekick Ed McMahon are staying in Bachelor Gulch homes (presumably separately), and a couple of weeks ago Kelsey Grammer, of “Fraser” fame, was spotted at the Ritz-Carlton. Grammer owns a Bachelor Gulch home, but it was unclear to our sources if he was staying in town over the holidays. We’ll keep you posted on any additional sightings, because we know your inquiring minds want to know. Finally, if you live in town and haven’t hit the hill recently because of those pesky pass restrictions, find a way to get up there. Conditions Wednesday morning, Dec. 31, were stellar. Not epic, but definitely stellar. And if you’re reading this on our award-winning Website in some far-flung location, get out here. The big holiday crowds are dying down, more snow is on its way, and Vail and Beaver Creek are nearly 100-percent open.That’s it. Thanks for indulging me. See you in 2004. David O. Williams is managing editor of The Vail Trail and has been an editor and writer in the Vail Valley for more than 10 years. E-mail him at

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