BMW rock-paper-scissors prize at Street Beat |

BMW rock-paper-scissors prize at Street Beat

Tamara Miller
NWS BMW Win SM 4-14 Vail Daily/Shane Macomber Charles Huval, left, wins the BMW by throwing paper, during rock, paper, sissors, best two out of three finals against Gary Kendal, Wednesday at the Street Beat in Vail.

For centuries, the game of rock-paper-scissors has served as a reliable decision-making tool to delegate unwanted responsibilities, even to entertain children during the oft idle times of youth.

Charles Huval has spent years playing the hand game, perfecting his skill to the point where victory became assured. And when the finalist for Wednesday night’s BMW give-away found out that the winner of three rounds of rock-paper-scissors would take the prize, you could say he felt right at home.

“I played it growing up and I was always a winner,” he said.

And winner he was when his paper – an open, flat palm – beat Gary Kendall’s rock – closed fist – to take home the beamer.

Organizers estimate 8,500 people showed up for the final Street Beat concert, a Wednesday night event that lasted through most of the ski season. Every week, residents from Eagle and Lake counties were eligible to sign up for a free raffle ticket. Those holding raffle tickets were eligible to receive prizes every week. But Wednesday night’s prize, a BMW X3 worth $31,000, was the ultimate.

Diana Layman’s showing for the event was her first. Accompanied by her two children, ages 1 and 3, she signed up for a raffle ticket. With only one entry, she doubted her ticket would be drawn. But that’s not why she came.

“We try to get out a couple of times a year,” she said.

Kerry Donovan, marketing coordinator for the Vail Valley Foundation, estimated that 13,500 raffle tickets were entered for the final drawing.

This year marked the fifth anniversary for the event, which is the winter cousin to the Budweiser Summer Nights Wednesday concert series, Donovan said.

The Boogie Machine jammed for the crowd in the hour-and-a-half leading up to the drawing. The band played some 70s funk favorites – “I Will Survive” was a crowd pleaser – while several in the crowd took advantage of the band’s traveling afro-wig-and-funky-hat stand set up nearby.

When it came time to select the finalists, the crowd collected near the stage.

Only eight people were selected as finalists. Huval, Matt Asnes, Alan Des Jardins, Linda Avila, Justin Henderson, Tracie Schumacher, Rafael Jiminez and first alternate Gary Kendall were divided into pairs and were eliminated one-by-one during the rock-scissors-paper duels.

At the end it was Kendall, the alternate, and Huval, a New Orleans native who has called Vail his home for 11 years.

It was determined that the new BMW owner would be the winner of two out of three sets. Huval took an early lead when his rock beat Kendall’s scissors – for those who haven’t been in grade school for a while, a scissors is formed with the middle and pointer finger. During the second set, both contestants threw a paper. But during the third set, Huval again through a paper, overthrowing Kendall’s rock.

It’s all strategy, Huval said after the contest.

“You gotta know when to throw the paper,” he said.

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