Bo and Brian Betrothed |

Bo and Brian Betrothed

We have a philosophy at Town Talk Towers that any man worth his salt marries above himself, then spends therest of his life trying to measure up.

Brian “The Kid” Keiser has his work cut out for him. On Saturday, he’s marrying the Beautiful and Talented Rebekah “Bo” Overlease, in whom there is no bad thing. Brian’s prosects are improving. He’s a one-time Hyatt towell boy whomanaged to talk his way into a sports gig with Talk 610, and was a long-time Patrick Paul apologist and sychophant. Conversations usually went like this:

Brian: “What kind of sychophant do you want me to be?”

He’s a former Vaily Daily circulation guy, (as far as we can, his only honest labor) and sometime golfer and basketball player. And that’s where this blessed union could hit the hardwood.

Rebekah was a Lady Bronco, playing on the Hastings (Nebraska) College national championship basketball team. Those with a little institutional memory will recall her as an Eagle Valley High School Lady Devil, where never saw a rebound she didn’t like. Our spies, who are everywhere, tell us that as part of their premarital agreement, Rebekah does NOT have to pack young Brian a lunch before they go play hoops, even though Brian is in for an all-day tail kicking. Brian has to pack his own lunch – and hers.

A true local, Rebekah claims was born in the back of a ’69 Chevy pick up in Eagle. Brian, on the other hand, seems unnaturally proud to be a Hokie from Virginia Tech.

Despite all that, she has been overheard to say “He’s a keeper!”, although people say the same thing about fish.

If all that’s not enough, he’s taking her to Dallas, Tex., where they’ll make their home. He’s a student at Dallas Seminary. God is on their side. They can’t go wrong.

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