Board of County Commissioners — Agenda for Tuesday, July 12, 2005 |

Board of County Commissioners — Agenda for Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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Click on the WEB EXTRAS for a downloadable version of the agenda.1.8:15 8:30Staff MeetingBOCC Conference Room2.8:30 – 9:45Work Session Attorney UpdateBOCC Conference RoomDiane Mauriello, County Attorney3.9:45 – 11:00Work Session – Weekly UpdateGarden Level ClassroomKeith Montag, Acting County Administrator11:00 – 11:15BreakOn The RecordEagle County RoomPledge Of Allegiance4.Consent AgendaItems of a routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the Board of County Commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any Commissioner may request that an item be “REMOVED” from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may “REQUEST” any item be “REMOVED” from the consent agenda.A.Approval of Bill Paying for the Weeks of July 11 and July 18, 2005 (Subject to review by the County Administrator)Mike Roeper, Finance DepartmentApproval of Payroll for July 21, 2005 (Subject to Review by the County Administrator)Mike Roeper, Finance DepartmentC.First Amendment to the Agreement between County of Eagle, State of Colorado, and Snowy River EnterprisesRon Rasnic, LandfillD.Image Base Backfile Conversion ContractTeak Simonton, Clerk & RecorderE.Early Head Start Application for Cost of Living and One Time Program Improvements FundsKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesF.Agreement between Eagle County and Deb KleinmanKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesG.Agreement between Eagle County and Behavioral Clinical ServicesKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesH.Agreement between Eagle County and Jason KerkhoveKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesI.Resolution Authorizing Health & Human Services to Apply for Funding Under the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Tobacco ProgramKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesJ.Resolution Authorizing Health & Human Services to Apply for Funding Under the State Funded Programs for Senior ServicesKathleen Forinash, Health & Human ServicesK.Resolution Authorizing the Chairman to Execute Letter of Intent to Participate in November 1, 2005 Coordinated ElectionAttorneys Office Representative5.Planning and Land Use Resolution Consent AgendaJena Skinner-Markowitz, Community DevelopmentA Resolution for the Denial of a Special Use Permit for Home Business on Mountain Meadow Ranch Filing 2, Lot 34. (Eagle County File No. ZS-00130)6.Minor Plat SigningJena Skinner-Markowitz, Community DevelopmentTHERE ARE NO MINOR SUBDIVISION PLATS FOR THE BOARDS CONSIDERATION THIS WEEK7.Eagle County Liquor License Authority Consent AgendaKathy Scriver, Clerk & RecorderA.The French PressEdwards, COB.DrinkEdwards, COC.Rocks Modern GrillBeaver Creek Village, CO8.Presentation of Assessors Reports: Assessed Value of Taxable Real and Personal Property in Eagle CountyJoyce Mack, Assessor9.Resolution Calling an Election to be held on the next General Election for the Purpose of Determining Whether or Not a Home Rule Charter Commission shall be Elected; Dividing Eagle County into Three Compact Districts, Such Districts to be as Nearly Equal in Population As Possible, For the Purpose of Electing Charter Commission Member by District; Directing Publication of the Same at Least Sixty Days Prior to the Election; and Authorizing the Chairman of the Board to Execute Letter of Intent to Participate in the November 1, 2005 Coordinated ElectionCounty Attorneys Office RepresentativeResolution Amending Eagle County Local Resident Housing GuidelinesKT Gazunis, Housing11.Other12:00 1:30 Lunch12.1:30 1:45Planning FilesEagle County Room1.G-00022 Miller Ranch Filing 2, Lot 76Peter Sulmeisters, Engineering (5 Minutes)Tabled from 5/3 and 6/14ACTION: Partial vacation of utility and drainage easement and snow coverage easement for Lot 76, Filing 2, Miller Ranch Subdivision LOCATION: 3 Cross Timber, Miller Ranch, Edwards 2.G-00023 Miller Ranch, Filing 2, Lot 120BPeter Sulmeisters, Engineering(5 Minutes)Tabled from 6/14ACTION:Partial vacation of utility and drainage easement and snow coverage easement for Lot 120B, Filing 2, Miller Ranch Subdivision LOCATION: 9 Still Water, Miller Ranch, Edwards13.1:45- 2:15Work Session Road & Bridge PrioritiesGarden Level ClassroomBrad Higgins/Helen MigchelbrinkRoad & Bridge/ Engineering14.2:15 -3:15BoCC Organizational Priorities MeetingHoly Cross RoomJustice Center Planning ProposalTrails UpdateLand Use Discussion15.4:30 6:00 Meet with Town of BasaltTown of Basalt Offices1. Update on Home Rule Charter2. Eagle County Maintenance Building located in Basalt3. Three Mile PlanTHE NEXT MEETING OF THE EAGLE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS WILL BE HELD ON JULY 26, 2005ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD IN THE EAGLE COUNTY BUILDING – 500 BROADWAY, EAGLE- OR OTHERWISE NOTED.THIS AGENDA IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY – ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE.THE BOARD WHILE IN SESSION MAY CONSIDER OTHER ITEMS THAT ARE BROUGHT BEFORE IT. SCHEDULED ITEMS WILL BE CONTINUED TO THE NEXT DAY IF THE BOARD IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE ITS AGENDA AS SCHEDULED.PAGE PAGE 4Vail Colorado

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