Board wants short-term rentals eliminated |

Board wants short-term rentals eliminated

Preston Utley/Daily file photoThe Avon town council Tuesday will debate whether to allow short-term rentals in Wildridge.

AVON ” Tim Savage and John Minervini have different ideas about protecting property values.

For Savage, it means eliminating short-term home rentals in Wildridge. For Minervini, the ability to rent out his home for a few weeks a year is part of why he owns a second home.

The Avon Town Council will hash out those and other questions Tuesday evening when it takes up an ordinance that would define just what a “lodge” is. The ordinance defines a “lodge” as any unit rented to more than six people for less than a month at a time.

Beyond that definition, though, Savage and other members of the Avon Planning Commission want the town council to go a little farther.

That volunteer, advisory board last week asked the council to pass the ordinance defining a lodge, then make a strong stand about the original zoning at Wildridge, which prohibits short-term rentals.

That came as bad news for Minervini, who owns a half-duplex in Wildridge and rents it out while he’s not there.

“I would not have purchased it without the ability to short-term rent it,” he said. “It doesn’t pay the mortgage, but it comes close to paying other expenses like taxes, trash, water, cable and so on.”

But some Wildridge residents object to people coming to vacation in their neighborhood, and worry about traffic, parking and noise.

“These people are on vacation,” Savage said. “They’re here to party, and that has a significant effect on the neighbors.”

Those problems can come up with long-term renters, too, Minervini said.

“The former owners of this place rented it seasonally, and it was just jammed with people,” he said.

Both Savage and Minervini said enforcement of a ban on short-term rentals would be a problem. But, Savage said, cracking down on short-term rentals could cut down the noise and other problems, even if the regulation would be tough, if not impossible to enforce.

“I just hope they can find a mutually beneficial solution to this,” Minervini said.

Both said they expect to be at today’s meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m. at Avon Town Hall.

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