Boarder rescued near Aspen |

Boarder rescued near Aspen

Bob Berwyn

A search and rescue team extracted an injured snowboarder from a steep slope at about 12,000 feet on Star Peak, near Ashcroft, the Aspen Daily News reports. The boarder, a UK citizen living in Denver, was injured seriously in a fall.Because of concerns that there might have been a serious spinal injuries, rescuers decided to treat the snowboarder at the base of the bowl overnight and have him flown out via helicopter the next day, according to the Daily News. Otherwise, the snowboarder would have faced a bumpy toboggan ride, rescuers said.Rescuers used the nearby Lindley Hut as a base, contacting Aspen Valley Hospital for medical advice. The snowboarder is reported to have an injured spleen, but did not suffer spinal injuries as initially feared.Fishy trespassTwo Gunnison county anglers were cited for trespassing while float-fishing a stretch of the Gunnison River near the regional airport, the Crested Butte News reports. The question a judge or jury will have to answer is whether their feet touched the riverbed.Under Colorado’s quirky water laws, someone who is floating down a river through private property is well within his rights, but as soon as his feet touch the ground, he (or she) may be trespassing on someone’s private property.

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