Boardroom Market & Deli in Edwards is a Riverwalk favorite for sandwiches, breakfast

Clockwise from bottom right: Huevos rancheros with fried egg, beans, cotija, tomato sauce and avocado; freshly squeezed orange juice; breakfast burrito with pork green chili, eggs, hash browns and cheese; granola bowl with Greek yogurt, berries and seeds.
Dominique Taylor/EAT Magazine

If Brad Trumpower had grown up in the Vail Valley, he would have been the sort of teen who got up early to hike for some turns before heading to school. But since he grew up in Maryland, he had to content himself with waking up at the crack of dawn and riding his bike across the bridge to make donuts in a shop. Several years and a culinary career down the road, he can now do both as the proprietor of Boardroom Market & Deli.

The Boardroom’s signature bloody mary.
Dominique Taylor/EAT Magazine

Located in Edwards’ Riverwalk, the friendly joint has become a beloved local favorite over the past few years. Originally known for its sandwiches stuffed to the brim with house-roasted pastrami, turkey, meatballs and more, the hotspot has expanded its reputation to include not just crispy, fresh salads, but also a killer breakfast menu. And a new grab-and-go case treats all kinds of options, including boxed lunches, gourmet salads and rotating treats such as stuffed dolma, curried cauliflower and pickled this or that.

“It makes it easy for hiking, biking, river time — all that fun stuff,” Trumpower said, and then has to pause to take an order for 30 sandwiches for a group of hikers heading out the next day. It’s not an unusual order, as Boardroom has become an easy go-to for feeding large groups— soccer games, company gatherings, breakfast meetings and more.

The Cresta Club with house-roasted turkey, ham, hardwood smoked bacon, cheddar and veggies on sourdough bread.
Dominique Taylor/EAT Magazine

The restaurant’s breakfast offerings are a welcome addition to the deli, with offerings as diverse as huevos rancheros, eggs your way and a fantastic granola bowl with Greek yogurt, fresh berries, seeds and a touch of honey. Or go all in and try a green chili-smothered breakfast burrito with, why not, a bacon-garnished bloody Mary.

But there’s just nothing like a Boardroom sandwich for lunch — especially the hot ones, which are best consumed on the spot. All of the sandwiches are named for local spots — both Vail and Beaver Creek mountains get a lot of love — and it’s obvious the board in Boardroom is a snowboard. So instead of a meatball sub, it’s the Pepi’s Face Meatball. Likewise, there’s the Highline French Dip, the Golden Bear Veggie, the Bald Spot Prosciutto and the Red Tail Lobster. The Blue Sky Reuben is a gorgeous sandwich, with thinly sliced pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing, griddled on rye bread to a perfect toasty brown. And the Riva Ridge Italian reigns supreme, piled high with capicola, ham, salami, provolone and veggies. Topped with oil and vinegar, the zippy dressing cuts the decadent Italian meats along with the hot peppers. Rotating house-made soups and fresh salads such as the Horiatiki Greek or the Alpine Mixed Green round out the lunch menu.

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The Boardroom’s Blue Sky Reuben with slow-roasted pastrami, Swiss cheese, house coleslaw, Russian dressing and rye bread.
Dominique Taylor/EAT Magazine

But Trumpower’s personality is just as important as any dish on the menu. He might be bantering with people at the counter while serving up an Ocean City Orange Crush, all while greeting his regulars by name, taking orders and occasionally hopping back in the kitchen to help make sandwiches and salads.

“I’m a fast-paced person, I’m good at multi-tasking and I like to please people,” he said. “I know most of the people by name that come in. I know what they want. So this is my way of being able to make people happy.” And it works.

Boardroom Market & Deli

280 Main St.
Riverwalk, Edwards, CO

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