Bob and Carol Zinn host ‘Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Hoedown’ |

Bob and Carol Zinn host ‘Hootin’ and Hollerin’ Hoedown’

Carolyn Pope

There’s something special about people who are generous in their community. Rare, though, are people who give and expecting nothing in return – where the act of giving is, in itself, the gift received.Bob and Carole Zinn are such people. In celebration of a private special occasion, they decided to celebrate with their community. And the people came out to accept the gift, and give back, in return.Last week, the Zinn’s hosted an evening with Michael Martin Murphey, the “Hootin’ & Hollerin’ Hoedown”, with Murphey’s friends Jim Salestrom, Jeanne and Jim Martin, and Jerome Gilmore. The popular crooner has a following here in the valley. He is the host of “WestFest” which used to be held at Ford Park, but has since moved on to different pastures. Murphey and his musical friends put on a show at the Vilar Center, hosted by the Zinns. The purpose of the evening was two-fold – first, to have fun, and second to raise money for two causes, the Family Learning Center and the Caring House at the Shaw Cancer Center. The cost of a ticket included a reception beforehand and seats to the concert.Longtime local Carol Nitz showed up with the purpose of keeping the west alive in the Valley. Mollie Christensen and Kathleen Jimenez made the trek from Denver after reading about the fund-raiser in the newspaper. They were drawn by both the music and the mission.Carole Zinn chose two charitable organizations with a special place in her heart. “The Family Learning Center is such a special place in this valley. I believe in who they are and what they do. It’s an incredible place to leave your children,” she said.”The Caring House serves the community and surrounding communities as a place to share stories and take along ideas during a difficult time,” she added. Ag Meek, executive director of the Caring House, said the event is “special because it is contributing to what we are trying to do at the Caring House.” The Caring House will be a home for families of patients being treated at the Shaw Cancer Center. Family support is an integral part of the healing process during treatment. The Zinn children and grandchildren flew in from back East to be a part of the celebration. “He’s a lot of fun and energetic,” said Bob’s daughter, Felice Zinn-Raff. “He loves to do things for other people, to give, whether to family or to other people.”Jerry Schragen, Bob’s brother-in-law concurred. “Bob works extremely hard, is extremely successful and came from a humble beginning,” he said. “This is his opportunity to give back.” Community contactsFor more information on the Caring House, call 569-7429.For more information on the Family Learning Center, call 926-4504.

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