Bob Callicrate: Cal Thomas spreads hate in Eagle County, elsewhere |

Bob Callicrate: Cal Thomas spreads hate in Eagle County, elsewhere

Bob Callicrate
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Reading Cal Thomas reminded me of a “Nightline” report when Ted Koppel did a story on a group of Christians visiting Israel.

They were supporting Israel and encouraging the Israelis to crush the Palestinian attempts at getting any land back. They said that it is prophesied that when Israel expands to a certain size, the rapture will come and Armageddon will follow.

The Christian believers will go up in the rapture and everyone else will be left behind. When a spokesman was asked by Ted Koppel, “What happens to the Jews then?” he replied, “They become Christian or they die.”

Cal Thomas speaks of supporting the Jewish state. I think he is just trying to scare people into voting as the Catholic Church tells them to vote.

People like Cal Thomas are a black plague of fear and hate and in this time of hope they are putting it on thick. I would laugh if it was not so sad ” sad to see people so close to me become so full of hate.

If there really was a god, I think he, it, she would be really old and possess a lot of wisdom, and I don’t think he, she, it would approve of the petty hateful ways of human kind.

Armageddon is not a foregone conclusion. If it happens, it will be caused by people; people like Cal Thomas, George W. Bush and Sara Palin on one side, and Osama Bin Laden on the other side. Both sides are wrong.

Bob Callicrate

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