Bobbi Ray |

Bobbi Ray

School: Eagle Valley High School

Nickname: Shwin, Bobs, Arlene, Bobby Pin

How many years in county: 10

Parent/s’ names: Jody O’Connell

Siblings, ages: Parker, 15

OK, you’re 30: What have you done (college, job, kids etc.), where do you live and what do you do? I’ve graduated from CU Boulder, have gone to law school and started my own law firm.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, have three kids, two dogs, two houses and a bunch of cars because I’m going to be very rich.

What items might you put in a personal time capsule to open at your 20th high school reunion? Why those? I would put my letter jacket in it, because it will be retired after graduation, and my soccer jersey so no one can wear it next year.

Best high school memory: Hanging out with my boyfriend, Owen, and of course spending time with the Core 7.

Favorite teacher and why: Mr. Zehering because he listens to my problems.

Vail Colorado

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