Bobcat killed, sister rescued on C-470 |

Bobcat killed, sister rescued on C-470

Alan Gathright
Rocky Mountain News
Vail, CO Colorado
Jefferson County Animal ControlThis injured bobcat was rescued on C-470 Tuesday morning

A baby bobcat is undergoing surgery for two broken legs this afternoon after she was rescued from the busy highway C-470 this morning.

She is about 7 months old and as cute as a button, despite her injuries.

Her sibling died on the highway.

An alert passerby spotted the pair against a concrete barrier about 7:30 this morning, said Chana Guy, a Jefferson County animal control supervisor.

Lakewood police and Lakewood Animal Control helped Jefferson County with the rescue and the transport to Deer Creek Animal Hospital.

The cub, which weighs about 10 to 15 pounds, about the same as an adult domestic cat, has fractures of the thigh bone of both hind legs, according to veterinarians at Deer Creek. There are no signs of internal injuries.

Guy said Deer Creek Animal Hospital “is just wonderful. They take animals for us all the time.”

Dr. Dan Brod is leading the three-hour surgery, which involves resetting the bones, and in the case of one of the legs, inserting some metal plates.

She’ll recover at the hospital overnight and in the morning be transferred to a wild animal rehabilitation center in Larkspur.

The ultimate goal is to return the young cub to the wild.

The animals were hit about a mile north of the Morrison exit.

There was no sign of a mother bobcat at the scene, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t close by until the animals were hit, presumably by a passing car.

“Calls came into our dispatch center that it was a cat,” Guy said. “We didn’t expect to find a bobcat when we got there.”

Calls on wounded bobcats are extremely rare, less than one a year, Guy said.

There is open space on both sides of C-470 there, so the bobcats cold have come from Dinosaur Ridge or from almost any direction, Guy said.

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