Bobcat prowls through Brush Creek |

Bobcat prowls through Brush Creek

Corey Reynolds
Courtesy of the Colorado Division of Wildlife

EAGLE – Terrie Fischer’s three children screamed when they saw a bobcat prowling on their deck of their Brush Creek home.Fischer said the bobcat tried to eat the family cat. A fifth generation Eagle native, she said the sight was incredible. “I’ve been here my whole life and never seen one,” she said.

And the bobcat didn’t only visit Fischer and her cat. Neighbors in the Brush Creek area also reported bobcat sightings last week. Lena Yost said her husband, George, saw the cat walk by their patio last Thursday.Fischer’s cat escaped the bobcat, but she said two house cats in the neighborhood went missing around the same time as the bobcat sightings. Those two cats have since returned, leading area residents to believe the bobcat has left.”I think it got as scared as my kids,” Fischer said.

Bobcats are not dangerous to humans, and there are no known reports of attacks on humans, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. But the agency recommends protecting small livestock and pets, as they could easily become prey.Bobcats are most active from dusk to dawn, but daytime sightings are not unheard of. Though bobcats generally avoid people, if you see a bobcat the Division of Wildlife recommends not approaching the animal and giving it a way to escape.Fischer said living with wildlife is something all area residents must get used to. She said the bobcat was just roaming in its own territory.

“It’s not bothering anything,” she said. “They’ve got to eat too.”Fischer said she isn’t sympathetic to all the “crybabies” who complain about the wildlife in their yards. “The critters were here first,” she said. “Maybe they’ll chase some of the idiots away.”Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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