Bogart’s Gun Shop in Eagle launches Web site, expands shooting classes |

Bogart’s Gun Shop in Eagle launches Web site, expands shooting classes

EAGLE, Colorado – Bogart’s Gun Shop owner Jim Kelly is interested in doing more than just selling you a gun.

He also wants to arm customers with information and education.

Kelly recently launched a Website for his downtown Eagle shop – The site features information about handguns, long guns, ammunition and accessories in addition to links to various manufacturers. It also details the shooting class schedule offered through Bogart’s.

“Our classes have become a huge part of the business,” said Kelly.

Kelly and fellow instructor Jenna Gallen are National Rifle Association-certified in basic pistol and personal handgun instruction. Additionally, the Bogart’s team is certified by the International Defensive Pistol Association.

Students can sign up for Concealed Carry Weapon Clases, Firearms 101, Gun Safety and Information and Advanced Shooting Classes. According to Kelly, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office has reported a 290 percent increase in the number of concealed weapon applications it has received. Kelly believes that number alone demonstrates the local firearms education need.

As he teaches people how to fire weapons, Kelly stresses the need for responsible gun ownership. “Just because you can carry a firearm, doesn’t mean you are safe,” he said.

In that vein, he teaches students about the laws that pertain to gun ownership. And, he notes, his classes often bring in first-time owners.

For instance, several of his students are women who enjoy hiking around the high country with their dogs, but they are concerned about the potential for coyote, mountain lion or even bear attacks.

“People have seen the animals out there and they are afraid,” he explained.

Other students want to learn about shooting for the most basic reason – they want to protect themselves, their families and their belongings. For these students, Kelly talks about the laws governing gun ownership.

“Safety is our No. 1 issue in the classroom,” he said.

By balancing time in a classroom with time on the shooting range, Kelly believes he is giving students a well-rounded firearms education. And when it comes to the gun range, both Gallen and Kelly plainly have the credentials to run the show. Kelly is a former Remington Gun Club shotgun shooting champion.

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