Bolle’s style: cartoony, bubbly |

Bolle’s style: cartoony, bubbly

Wren Wertin

“A lot of people say movies reference the cultural reality surrounding us,” said Chagai Bolle, director of photography. “Well, our cultural reality is the influence of all the films we see as being particularly intriguing and edgy in their visual style. In that respect we’re trying to make a feature that’s going to look a lot more unique comparative and relative to the other features that are out there.”

Though some people would turn up their noses at shooting a movie digitally, the crew of “Minimum Wage” feels that they’re expanding the horizons of digital film. Instead of a grainy, raw product, they’ve pushed it to a new level.

“It’s cartoony and bubbly,” said Bolle. “Mix that with the world of the characters, and you have an extraordinary visual style. And that was one of our goals.”

Bolle and Jonathan Bricklin, director and writer, have been referencing some of the movies they approve of within the film, such as “Dogma.” Instead of showing an overview of a situation the way most people expect to see it, Bolle and Bricklin have the actors look into the camera as they say their lines. This technique was used in “Buffalo 66” when the family surrounded the dinner table and tore into their meal (and each other). So, too, does Bricklin’s cast look into the camera during their dinner party (a grand and beautiful table set with frozen TV-dinner entrees of the chicken nugget variety), and a scene at the Eagle Diner.

“We’re trying to shoot each scene in a style appropriate to the action,” said Bolle.

If the style is appropriate, the timing may not be. Few members of cast and crew have had the opportunity to sleep during the night, with some shoots beginning at 10 p.m. and ending at sunrise – or later.

“For independent films, these hours are normal,” said Bricklin.

For a good night’s sleep, even a die-hard independent filmmaker might sell out.

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