Bonds whiffs at this strike |

Bonds whiffs at this strike

Don Rogers

Asked about the book on Barry Bonds, the star gave an illuminating answer.”I won’t even look at it. For what? There’s no need to.”Not: “It’s all false. I’m suing the authors for libel.”That’s what you would say if accused of taking steroids when you really didn’t.Poor, persecuted, no doubt juiced slugger. Misunderstood. Or understood only too well.Gig’s up. The Hall of Fame should be closed. Asterisks for the home run records. Ruth and Aron’s records should not be sullied by Bonds’ chemically enhanced marks. This bit of greed fully deserves the catcalls in place of cheers. History will not remember him kindly.No wonder the game is less fun. Being found out a cheater will tend to do that.DumbererNew Orleans’ first bank robbery since Katrina looks like it was committed by a Vail man. Jeremiah Stark, 25, was arrested this week after police said he pretended to have a bomb in a paper bag and demanded cash from a bank teller.Novel, anyway. Other than the part about getting caught just around the corner from the bank.And we thought Dumb and Dumber had the lock on strange stories about bank robberies connected to Vail. Vail, Colorado

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