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Boo on your boo-boos

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As an editor, I would have thought that Ms. Lich would have gotten her facts in order before writing such an “irresponsible” column. First of all, there were two “boo-boos,” to use her childish wording in this incident, and they were totally unrelated. The teens did not have open containers in the car, they were not driving the vehicle and there were only two, not three that were cited by the authorities. These teens, their parents and the rest of the team/parents in no way associated their actions with those of the coaches. They take full responsibility and have been paying the price by their 30-day suspensions …

Editor’s note: Marty Lich is a columnist for The Vail Trail. Tamara Miller is the editor.

Having read both comments let me add my own. Marty Lich pegged it. One mistake in judgment does not mean that it is everyone else’s fault except for the person(s) involved. That is what I read here; simply assume responsibility. Our society needs to learn that.

Re: “facts,” the statements presented by anonymous callers were the coaches had a beer at some point after a hockey game with parents – but no mention of traveling with the team or on a school bus. Only after a game was over. (Began and ended in Vail, in other words.)

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And the real “fact” that Ms. Lich responded to: that because the coaches had a beer, they were the reason the underage team members were driving with alcohol in their car and therefore it is the coaches’ fault.

Since when does one have anything to do with the other? That is all I read here, one is not responsible for the other so don’t try to pass the blame on elsewhere.

(Two) teens were cited, the third teen involved was the driver. Which is neither here nor there. The point was and is, they were underage and in possession of alcoholic beverages, which is illegal. The coaches may have committed their own public “sins” but these (not illegal) errors were not what was written about here. The excuses made by the Eagle Valley public regarding the hockey players is what was being addressed here.

The only facts I read in this opinion piece was two-thirds of our teens get their alcohol from their own homes, often with parents permission …

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