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Booze reviews in Eagle County

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AE Booze PU 11-16-07

EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO This crisp, fruit-forward, dry white wine hails from Savoie, an obscure region in the French Alps. As one reviewer put it, this is the wine version of bubbling, crystal clear spring water. Forget the standard varietals, this wine is made from the centuries-old Jacquere grape, which is grown only in the Savoie area. If youre looking for new varietals to cross off your list, this is one to try.Upon first sip the wine is slightly bubbly with honey, melon and green apple overtones. Sure, a wine this refreshing harkens back to sunny July afternoons, but dont worry, this white would make a great apertif come pre-feast-time tomorrow. Already got your T-Day vino in the wings? Dont worry, Google the wine and a recipe for tartiflette comes up. This comfort-food potato recipe will get you through the winter. Along with potatos, the dish melds onions, smoked bacon, thyme, nutmeg, Reblochon cheese and few splashes of white wine together. The chef specifically recommends pairing this potato tart with an Apremont white wine. Now if only I could rustle up a few russets from my potato-less cupboards. Caramie Schnell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

I have to admit, I am a total information geek on almost all topics. So when Travis Flores, wine consultant at Beaver Liquor told me about dolcetto, a grape I had never heard of, I knew I had to try it. Poderi Elias dolcetto dAlba was a great introduction to this supple grape. Dolcetto is a black wine grape. It tends to have good tannins and acidity, which Flores said is indigenous to Italy. There is another theory that it in fact the grape originated in France and then traveled to the neighboring country in the 11th century. It is most comparable with a pinot noir, but with a fuller body. This is a red wine that should be imbibed with food any food. This is a great food wine, Flores said. He went on to say that the flavors in the wine such as dark cherry, tobacco leaf and the hint of fruit make it great for all dishes. It will pair nicely with all your Thanksgiving fare from turkey to ham to stuffing to mashed potatoes to dessert.And it has the distinction of being a great red for fish because it is softer and wont overpower some of the more delicate flavors. I can imagine enjoying it with a seafood soup or stew such as a bouillabaisse, something hardy for the colder temperatures. Another reason to bring this wine to your Thanksgiving table is it is made by a family winery in Piedmont, Italy. It even brings its own story in about 1700 the wine was brought to England in the form of a gift to King George II. Now if that isnt a recommendation, I dont know what is. And if you think all Italian wines fit for royalty are expensive you will be pleasantly surprised by the under-$15 price tag.Jessica Slosberg, Daily Staff Writer

This is not your grandfathers gin. It is not stuffy nor is it overbearing nor does it take itself too seriously. There is more to this gin than just juniper but never fear its still there. The first thing that will draw your eye is the bottle and the tag around the bottle, which tells you the gins background story. It puts to rest any silly notion that the mysterious and fickle jackelope likes whiskey. The reason this animal is so rarely seen is that people put out the wrong liquor. The second thing you will notice about this gin is it is lighter and easier to drink. The reason for that is it is 80 proof, significantly less than the traditional 94 proof.That was by design, said Rory Donovan, co-owner of Peach Street Distillers. We are certainly not trying to cheat our customers out of booze.The company was trying to reach out to the non-gin drinkers of the world because as Donovan said, gin drinkers are gin drinkers. But many people in the world thinks pinecones and dish soap when they think gin. The distillery worked on bringing out other flavors such as coriander. Donovan said that freshly ground whole coriander is incredibly fragrant. It is pretty complex, he said of his gin and the flavors.Donovan predicts that gin will see a re-emergence. Vodka has been the thing for so long, and people are ready to mix it up. This is your chance to mix it up and be on the cutting edge of cool.If you still arent convinced, maybe you just need to know that it is distilled in small batches right down the road in Palisade with only Colorado juniper. So go ahead, be cool and show some state pride drink your gin.Jessica Slosberg, Daily Staff Writer

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