Borat’s brother scores Kazakh orchestra |

Borat’s brother scores Kazakh orchestra

AP PhotoComposer Erran Baron Cohen listens to the Turan Alem Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra as they practice his new piece at St James's church in Piccadilly, central London, Friday.

LONDON ” The West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra chose an unusual composer to headline its London performance Friday: Borat’s real-life brother.

Erran Baron Cohen, the brother of the actor Sacha Baron Cohen, composed the 16-minute piece, “Zere,” which is debuting at St. James’s Church in central London.

The irony of working with a Kazakh orchestra was not lost on Baron Cohen, a trumpeter who also composed the score to his brother’s movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.” In the smash comedy last year, Sacha Baron Cohen portrays a backward Kazakh television journalist.

“After I’d got over the initial shock of being rung up by someone from Kazakhstan, I thought it was a great accolade if they liked the music in the film so much that they asked me to write for a symphony orchestra,” Baron Cohen told The Daily Telegraph.

He told the newspaper his piece incorporates Kazakh folk elements and instruments and is named after the Kazakh company that sponsored the composition.

It will receive its Kazakh premiere on Monday.

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