Boulder big-sound powerhouse plays the Sandbar |

Boulder big-sound powerhouse plays the Sandbar

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Special to the DailyThe Tao Jones of Boulder will bring big music to the Sandbar Friday at 10 p.m.

Pete FowlerSpecial To The Daily

VAIL – The Lord himself appeared, parting the skies and coming down to earth to hold audience with all. He left behind a medallion on which the words “The Tao Jones” were printed. From this day forth, The Tao Jones’ musicians knew that this must be their band’s name. This story of a friend’s dream sounded made up on the spot by bassist Sean Mahaffey, but it shows the band’s playful side. They like to be clever and have fun. Just look at their name. Many of the seven-piece group met each other on campus at CU Boulder. Taking in the town’s vital music scene, the group decided to give it a shot. They began playing around town in various incarnations. The Tao Jones has been together a little over a year, and they seem to be making waves along the Front Range.

The band goes for a big jazz-funk sound in the school of Herbie Hancock and John Scofield. It features keys, guitar, two percussionists, bass, sax and trumpet.”It’s a powerhouse, very large sound,” said Mahaffey.The Tao Jones covers some favorites, but mostly plays original material. Their musical philosophy revolves around playing older jazz-funk in their own personalized style and blending in many modern sounds. The group also has a bit of an electronic edge.”If we cover a song, it’s still the same song, but it’s in our style,” said Mahaffey. “We’ve tried to blend it with modern sounds from rock and techno.”

The Tao Jones will play at The Sandbar on Friday at 10 p.m. Expect a high-energy show.”Come to dance. Come to party. Come to have a good time,” said Mahaffey.Pete Fowler is a freelance writer and can be reached at

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