Boulder crashes into car in Glenwood Canyon |

Boulder crashes into car in Glenwood Canyon

John GardnerPost Independent Staff

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – A boulder smashed into a car on Interstate 70 Thursday afternoon in the Glenwood Canyon, in nearly the same location as the rock fall in early March.The Colorado State Patrol reported that 53-year-old Kurt Kuxhausen from Grand Junction, was driving through the Glenwood Canyon Thursday afternoon when a 2 to 3 foot boulder struck the rear passenger side of his car. The impact caused sever damage to the vehicle but Kuxhausen was able to drive the vehicle home to Grand Junction.Coincidentally, the rock fell near the same location where a major rock fall closed I-70 for three days earlier in March.According to Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Nancy Shanks, the rock that struck Kuxhausen’s car fell from the area below where the large rock slide occurred.Shanks said that geologist were at of the site of the large rock fall again Friday, to assess the situation and determine if the potential for future rock slides exist.”On first evaluation, the crew’s indication was that this rock fall is due to the wet weather we are experiencing,” Shanks said.While instances of rocks falling due to a freeze and thaw cycle is typical for this time of year, especially in areas like the Glenwood Canyon, Shanks said that CDOT geologists did not think that this was related to the previous slide.”At this time we don’t think that this rock slide has anything to do with that rock fall,” she said.Most of the smaller scale incidents, like Thursday’s, do not typically result in a geologist crew assessing the area, however CDOT felt it was a good idea due to the close proximity to the larger fall.”It’s not typical that they would visit a sight on this type of incident,” Shanks said. “But because of the earlier slide was such a large incident it makes sense to have them revisit the area.”Road crews are currently working to repair the damage that was caused when about 20 boulders, some as large as a tractor-trailer and weighing an estimated 66 tons, punched holes into the road surface on March 8. I-70 remains restricted to one traffic lane in each direction through the work zone. Repairs are scheduled for completion by May

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