Boulder fight club involving students investigated |

Boulder fight club involving students investigated

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) ” School officials and police are investigating a “fight club” that staged bare-knuckle bouts after school and apparently involved up to 60 students from Fairview High School.

Images of the fights were shown on a MySpace page.

“We are investigating who was involved,” said Boulder Valley School District spokesman Briggs Gamblin. He said they are grateful there have been no injuries reported.

Students who engaged in this activity could be disciplined up to and including expulsion, but that would be decided on a case by case basis, said Gamblin.

Fairview Principal Donald Stensrud told the Camera that he has already taken some disciplinary action against some students involved in the fighting.

“Apparently, they were gathering in the field after school hours … where they were engaging in fights,” police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said. “They see this as sort of a recreational, spectator-type sport where they just wanted to go out and fight.”

She said it was dangerous particularly because it wasn’t supervised and amounted to street fighting.

At least 11 students have been ticketed, and one more may be issued Monday, said Huntley. The fighting occurred in a field within walking distance of the south Boulder school.

Not all students who may have been involved participated in fighting. Many were spectators.

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