Boulder Hippieman returns to Eagle |

Boulder Hippieman returns to Eagle

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyAs Hippieman likes to note, his career started "in the fourth grade when my mom would send me to school everyday with a Jimi Hendrix lunch box. All the kids made fun of me until they tried one of my brownies."

If you happen to see a frizzy white haired gentleman scribbling away on a bus from Denver to Boulder or vice versa, it might be Hippieman, aka John Novosad, a Boulder-based comedian.

“I write jokes during the commute,” said Novosad, who returns to the Back Bowl in Eagle Saturday night for the first Comedy Night of the summer season.

Living in Boulder provides Novosad with plenty of fodder. Like the newest workout craze in the city: Barefoot running, which podiatrists would probably have a field day discussing.

“I don’t run – barefoot or otherwise – but there are some interesting things that you only see in Boulder,” he said.

Novosad started performing standup at the Blue Note in Boulder, honing his craft there until he felt confident enough to take his act on the road. Now, in addition to holding a spot as a regular headliner at Denver’s popular Comedy Works, Novosad has been able to work with some of the top comedic talents in the country, including Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black, Kevin Nealon, Tommy Chong and even Rosanne, who Novosad performed shows with before she was famous.

Another favorite is Craig Ferguson “because I worked with him in Denver and ended up performing on his late night show,” Novosad said. “My all-time favorite (comedian), although I never met or worked with him, is Richard Pryor.”

Novosad recently penned a screenplay, appropriately titled “Hippieman: The Movie.”

“It’s the story of a politically conservative research chemist who becomes trapped in an acid rain storm in the Adirondack Mountains,” Novosad said. “Physically ill and virtually bald, from the effects of the rain storm, the chemist refines his company’s experimental hair growth balm (a little too well) and it transforms him into a hair growing, super hippie. He gives up his life as a research chemist, falls in love and fights an evil televangelist.”

So how did Novosad come up with his comedic moniker, Hippieman?

“Sometime around 1990 I worked a club called The Comedy Isle in San Diego and there was a nearby head shop that sold all sorts of tie-dyed clothing (shirts, long underwear, socks). It made me think that there should be a tie-dyed superhero,” he said. “I bought a bunch of the stuff and dressed up as a superhero, eventually the name Hippieman came from that. I used to do some shows in the outfit but don’t anymore, although the name stuck.”

Comedy veteran Brian Hocker will start things off with his first appearance at the comedy series. Hocker has honed his craft at clubs and colleges across the country. He also just returned from the Great American Comedy festival.

“Brian is a regular on the Comedy Works schedule and is having good success on the Denver and regional scene,” Novosad said.

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