Bowing to the world |

Bowing to the world

James Shannon
Vail, CO, Colorado

I don’t know who Obama thinks he represents, but it doesn’t seem to be the U.S.A. He should be standing up for us around the world, not bowing to despots and apologizing for America’s arrogance.

Like the arrogance of freeing hundreds of millions of people around the world and coming to the rescue of most who ask for it and giving billions of dollars in aid around the world. What about our military presence around the world, without which the world would fall into chaos?

He will stand in Paris and apologize for American arrogance, but he won’t stand in Normandy to show respect for the soldiers who died, without whom Europe would be Nazi Germany.

Obama has presented the wussy card to the world. Right now, parts of the world are planning our demise with greater hope of success, and the rest of the world is going, “Huh?”

Standing in a Muslim nation and saying that we are not a Christian nation when three of our four major holidays of the year are Christian; 88 percent of Americans claim that Christian mantle, and 75 percent of Americans claim that they are born-again Christians (must make Carnes shudder). What does he want? Sharia law?

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Bow to us (his employer), not to them (our enemies).

James Shannon

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