Boy, 4, expelled from Colo Springs day care |

Boy, 4, expelled from Colo Springs day care

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” A 4-year-old was expelled from a Colorado Springs day-care after getting upset and saying he would shoot his friends.

His mother said Friday the center overreacted and was being unfair to him. Center officials said the boy had displayed “a pattern of behavior that wasn’t complementary to the day care center’s mission.”

The boy was expelled from the Family Development Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after the July 22 incident.

A written account the center gave his mother, Alice Hudson, says the boy couldn’t sleep and was crying during nap time.

When he was told to wait in the hallway until he stopped crying, he said, “I am going to go shoot all my friends,” according to the report.

“I think he was upset. I don’t think he meant it at all,” Hudson said. She said she talked to him afterward about not using such words when he’s angry.

Hudson said university police came to their home to ask if they had guns. She said they do not.

She said her son is now doing well in another day-care but doesn’t understand why he can’t return to the other center.

Hudson said she may challenge the expulsion.

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