Boy accused of stabbing dog |

Boy accused of stabbing dog

J.K. Perry

GYPSUM ” An 11-year-old Gypsum boy is accused of stabbing and killing his dog Spike on July 26, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The boy, whose name is being withheld because he is a juvenile, knocked over a chair as he watched a movie with his 7-year-old brother, who was eating a bowl of cold cereal, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Comroe’s report.

The older boy demanded his brother pick up the chair, and when he didn’t, the 11-year-old threw both the family cat and cereal at the younger boy, who threatened to tell their mother about what happened, Comroe’s report says.

The older boy grabbed his brother around the neck and pushed him to the couch, then went into his room to play with the dog, Comroe’s report says.

While playing with the dog’s paws, the dog bit him on the head, but no teeth marks were found on the boy’s head, Comroe’s report says.

The boy went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, then returned to his room and stabbed the dog near its left leg while it sat on the boy’s bed, Comroe’s report says.

The younger boy heard the dog yelp and then the dog ran out of the bedroom, fell onto the kitchen floor and died, Comroe’s report says.

Investigators found an 8-inch filet knife in the kitchen sink that appeared to have been washed, Comroe’s report says.

The boy didn’t show any signs of remorse and when asked how he felt or what he was thinking of, “he would simply say he was bored,” Comroe’s report says.

Several years before, the boy was physically abused by his mother’s ex-husband in Arizona, the mother told deputies. The boy’s mother said she often left her two son’s at home while she worked, although her sisters lived nearby, Comroe’s report says.

While later investigating the house, Comroe said he found blood on the bed and wall. The house was also very messy, with clothes strewn about the bedroom and laundry room, dirty dishes on the kitchen counter and a stinking bathroom. There was little food in the refrigerator, Comroe’s report says.

Juveniles are not arrested and booked in jail like adults. The boy was released to his mother, but was taken into custody by the Sheriff’s Office on July 27 and brought for evaluation to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, Comroe’s report says.

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