Boy in blue loses his accent |

Boy in blue loses his accent

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Polite, handsome and articulate, Sean was the quintessential professional ski instructor. However, truth be told, he occasionally had lapses of common sense.Business was slow on this cold, snowy morning, so I decided to give Sean my one and only student, a wonderful man visiting from England. Sensitive to the cold Rocky Mountain winters, he was bundled up with a blue parka, hood and face mask pulled up under large goggles that covered the rest of his face.I skied him over to where Sean was waiting and introduced him. Forty-five minutes after Sean left with his student, the Englishman showed up at the Ski school Office, extremely upset and obviously flustered about something.I asked him why he wasn’t with his instructor. He responded.”Sean left me! He just started teaching someone else and left me!” By the time that I managed to calm the Englishman down, I noticed Sean approaching the base of the mountain with another skier, also wearing a blue parka, with a hood pulled up, a face mask and large goggles.I pulled Sean off to the side and he informed me, “…that the Englishman had ditched him.” When he finally caught up with who he thought was his student, they had a quick laugh and proceeded with the lesson.The only problem was, of course, that it wasn’t the Englishman. Sean’s only comment: “I wondered what happened to his English accent!”- B.J. Reed, Snowking, WyomingLack of tact on lift incurs silent treatmentA ski instructor was riding the chairlift with a young boy when he saw a rather large man making his way downhill.He remarked to the boy, “How can anyone that fat ski?”The boy replied to the instructor, “That’s my Dad.”The rest of the chairlift ride was a mountain silence.- Phil Krichbaum, VailVail, Colorado

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