Boy suspended for toy gun in backpack |

Boy suspended for toy gun in backpack

GRAND JUNCTION ” A Catholic school suspended a 9-year-old student for bringing a toy gun to school in his backpack, even though the principal says the boy apparently had forgotten it was there.

Another student at Holy Family Catholic School spotted the toy in the backpack on Thursday and told a teacher. School officials then summoned police, who quickly determined it was a toy.

“There was no malicious intent at all,” officer Brian Gregor said.

Officers interviewed the boy and felt “totally comfortable that it was a mistake,” Sgt. Gary Marak said.

The boy’s name wasn’t released.

Holy Family Principal Ann Ashwood-Piper said school policy called for the suspension. She would not say how long it would last.

Ashwood-Piper said the incident appeared to be a case of absentmindedness.

“He had been playing with it (the toy gun) last night, and a friend stuck it in there,” Ashwood-Piper said. “He had just forgotten to take it out.”

She said the student who alerted the teacher would get a commendation from police.

Many U.S. schools have imposed tough policies relating to guns since the 1999 Columbine High School shootings left 13 people dead, including two teen gunmen.

Two Arizona students were suspended this month for drawing pictures of guns, one at a junior high in Chandler and another at a grade school in Mesa.

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