Boyd is a true American |

Boyd is a true American

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I’ve finally gotten around to reading your editorial piece in the Jan. 9-15 Vail Trail and I think it’s great, absolutely wonderful (Tom Boyd’s “Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9). You’re not afraid to speak your mind even though there are people in this United States who say that if you’re against George W. Bush that you’re against America. And that’s further from the truth than anything.So I just wanted to give you kudos for your courage to come out and print that, and I’m sure there’s going to be other people who are going to call you and say you’re a commie bastard and all that stuff, but I think you’re one of the true Americans. So thank you.Paul DupreyEagleStay the courseMy congratulations and thanks for this article (“Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9). I thought that it was both accurate and very well written. You’re obviously correct when you say, “We have a long election year ahead of us,” and I can only hope that you’ll write often about the dismal lying and the failures of this administration.David LeVineAvonIrishman against BushI just have one thing to say:The current president of the United states is a war criminal, dishonest, lacks empathy for his people or those around the world, is irresponsible, self righteous, and generally lacking the qualifications to be a world leader (“Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9).Tell me why he hasn’t been charged with these crimes. Surely the international court has some jurisdiction?I dearly hope the U.S. has a new leader by next year.Andrew OrmondeDublin, IrelandWhere are the good-hearted people?I just read the article “Same war, new excuse” (, Jan. 9) and sadly I am in absolute agreement with your sentiments. I say sadly because your comment about people more concerned with saving 20 cents at Wal-Mart than the lives of Iraqi civilians appears to sum up how so many Americans think.When it became apparent we were about to attack Iraq, I looked at pictures of the people there – they look like my kids and me. How can people here be so callous? It makes me ill, too.I read an article attributing Bush’s popularity to an “S” factor, the S being stupidity. I cannot explain it otherwise, unless people are bloodthirsty. I used to see people as basically good-hearted, and caring. Yet good-hearted, caring people could not mindlessly support this war and Bush’s policies. I can’t explain it. At least reading the thoughts of other sane people gives me some hope.Joseph OsorioOakland, Calif.Ride the peace trainThank you for your article on the war and the state of our country and our political realities (“Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9). Really, if enough writers were willing to examine the recent history of our nation with an open mind, we might be able to avert the train wreck that is looming. It will be a close call.Jay SimoneauxSan FranciscoMedia is in cahootsDon’t be too harsh on the American people (“Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9). With the media controlled by the White House, it isn’t easy to find out the truth or to even know that you are being lied to. Even a skeptical viewer would be subdued by the right-wing echo machine.However, you are doing us a great service by speaking out.I’m proud to live in the same country as you.Chris MontouriTampa, Fla.Write the truthPlease, please do not stop your courageous “writing of the truth” (“Same war, new excuse”, Jan. 9). Your latest article was absolutely accurate, incisive, and critically important for EVERYONE to hear.I read everything possible every day and have had letters published in our local paper addressing the same issues so well-covered by this article. I have to admit that I never think of the dangers from possible terrorist threats (perhaps foolishly), but I do admit that every single day I now live in fear of what my government has already set in motion, and God forbid, what this administration would bring about if given another four years.Thank you for your wonderful work and spirit.Elaine CooperBoston

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