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‘Boys don’t have babies!’

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

As long as I’ve taught skiing, I’ve always been amazed at how much young children know about sex and how early they seem to learn it.One afternoon, I was assigned to ski with a group of kids from our local primary school. While riding up the chairlift with an 8-year-old boy, he asked me what would happen if he jumped off the chair and landed with his “privates” on the snow fence below.”Well, not only would it hurt really bad, but you would never be able to have babies.”He glared at me with a worldly look and informed me, “Boys don’t have babies, dummy!”- Wes Brook, Stevens Pass, Wash.A leg of a different lengthI was team-teaching a class of Mogul Mice with a fellow instructor when one of the young boys in our class went screaming down the beginner hill, ending his run with a spectacular wipeout at the bottom.We hurried to the scene and found the young boy and his equipment scattered all over the mountain. As he struggled to get up, we were startled to see that one of his legs was noticeably longer than the other and dangled out of his snow pants.Fearing the worst, I sent the other instructor into the Children’s Center to call the ski patrol. Fifteen minutes later, the instructor came out, doubled over with laughter.I asked her what was so funny about the catastrophe we just witnessed. After contacting the ski patrol, the instructor called the young boy’s parents to inform them of the accident and to get permission to rush him to the emergency room.She described the horrible fall and based on the nature of the injury, to expect the worst. The boy’s father first laughed out loud then explained to the instructor that the child had a prosthetic leg and that it routinely came off during sporting activities.He suggested that we “screw it back on,” and get on with the lesson.- Patricia Wall, VailVail, Colorado

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