Bravo! makes you smarter and other reasons to attend |

Bravo! makes you smarter and other reasons to attend

Patrick Marshall
Behind the Curtain
Vail CO Colorado

Now in its 24th season, and stronger than ever, Bravo! has solidified itself as one of Vail’s summer traditions not to be missed. Now, I am aware that there are some people in this valley and surrounding areas that have never been to Bravo!, and might feel that it is not for them. But I have news for you, Bravo! is for everyone!

Bravo! is for families. The music is timeless, the maestros are educational and the burgers are delicious. It is important to take outings together as a family and Bravo! fully supports that. Seating on the lawn is free for children 12 and under. Here is a good plan to follow: First, pick a concert, or two, in advance and find out what pieces are being performed. Second, research with the whole family the history of the piece, the orchestra performing it and the soloists who will be on stage. Pick out a few stand-out facts that everyone can recall while watching the concert. Lastly, pack a picnic, a blanket and sit back, relax and enjoy the concert.

Bravo! is for the young crowd. There is a common misconception that classical music is for an older generation, but the truth is, the music is exciting, engaging and perfect for a great date. Bach on the Rocks is Bravo’s young professionals group that meets for mixers and wine tasting events, and usually congregates on the lawn together during the concert. Even though talking is discouraged during the concert, it is very much a social event where people come to meet and share the music together.

Bravo! makes you smarter. I’m sure the majority of you have heard of the Mozart effect, which claims that listening to classical music can make you smarter, and did you know that there are numerous nights this summer where Bravo! will be presenting Mozart? Bravo! doesn’t claim to make anyone smarter, but we will bring you concerts that you have never seen before, the best orchestras and most talented soloists in the world, and a setting that is unrivaled in scenic beauty and sound. The concerts that you attend with your families and friends now, will be experiences that you will talk about forever.

Patrick Marshall is the ticketing associate for the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. He has worked for Bravo for the last three years.

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