Brawlin’ at Bruce’s brothel |

Brawlin’ at Bruce’s brothel

Wren Wertin
The boys of Little Hercules will have an entirely new look at today's Halloween party at The Saloon.

Minturn’s always a step ahead of the game.

Halloween begins today. After trick-or-treaters prowl the streets in the early hours, The Saloon will open its strange and wonderful doors to the public for sassy bartender Bruce Plummer’s annual Halloween bash.

“I think this year’s theme is Bruce’s Brothel,” said Cristian Basso, bassist for Little Hercules. “Some people will be dressed up as 1920s brothel folk, and some people are taking it into 2003. But you can always bet that there will be a bunch of crazy sexy costumes. I’m going to go toward the future and be a little slicker and a little more comfortable.”

Little Hercules always plays for Plummer’s party. The shindig tradition began in his house but soon overflowed into a bigger venue. It’s also the grand finale concert for the Live! in Minturn series, which benefits the Minturn Community Fund.

“Bruce started it at his house, and it was so much fun, it grew and grew and grew,” said Basso. “We party into Halloween.”

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And just as any host should, Plummer inevitably has the best time of anyone. Though he always picks a theme, guests don’t have to abide by it.

“It’s kind of a mix of things,” said Basso. “Be inspired by something and come in costume.”

“Minturn always starts a day early,” said Plummer last year. “It’s good to try out your costume and see if you can drink in it and piss out of it. We always try to pick a theme that will get the most women out of their costumes.”

For the boys of Little Herc, they’re sweatin’ it up good on stage. That means they usually stay away from face paint.

“Unless you get the fancy stuff which won’t run into your costume,” he said. “Costumes are a lot of fun, because they have the tendency to bring you into a different state of mind that can be kind of liberating. So if you’re a real freak and you have issues with it, it’s probably a big night for you.”

The party begins at 9 p.m., and the crowd decides how long it will last. Come out and get caught up in the strangeness.

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