Break the spend cycle |

Break the spend cycle

There are many great truths emerging from all of the madness viewed inexhaustibly on the media lately. Here was a fun discovery, recently.

I’ve purchased expensive vitamin supplements for the last few years to balance my body chemistry to an established slightly alkaline bias. Just like you savvy gardeners would with your soil composition. Recently, I’ve found I can replicate these effects by simply replacing one of the charcoal filters in my home water filtration unit with one with a similar alkaline bent. It’s a fraction of the cost. I hear a little baking soda and water works pretty well, too.

By the way, did I mention that I make my living selling water filtration systems? File that away to use against me later. Incidentally, these are the two great truths of which I speak.

First one: There is no single government out there that has a clue as to how to get us out of this political/economic mess. The proprietary machine at work here is to throw the best scheme together to encourage us to continue to borrow and live beyond our means while shooting as many holes in the scheme with the media while continuing to root out as many evil-doers and scapegoats to shift the guilt of this disaster away from some poor, impressionable Americans who may be watching tonight and might panic and do the right thing. Then they shift that blame to someone tangible, like the latest CEO to make off with all the profits before the next bailout hits. All we want to see is the next big display on the news, no different then the latest slant on Hillary Duff’s political views. All it does is distract us from these two truths.

Which brings us to No. 2: We cannot continue to assess blame as any sort of positive behavioral stimulus. It doesn’t work. The only one who is going to solve all these problems is you. Not the government. The only person you can blame for the way things are is you. Not your parents. Not this political party or politician. Not the president of this corporation or that dictatorship or that mob or anyone.

The only way we can all rise up out of this mess is to do exactly the opposite of what the government says to do, which is to spend money, borrow money, get farther in debt. Does it look like it’s been working for our government? Simply put, the actions of government, borrowing us all deeper into debt, will only propel us into a deepening recession that can only lead to more war and rioting.

The only one out there who can save us is you. We need to stop pointing fingers at one another and be a community. Blame entertains us daily. It pumps up our precious egos. It makes our common missteps trivial by comparison. It fuels the flames of intolerance and ignorance. It sets us apart, one from another. Always at the expense of the other. It polarizes us as a nation, a world and a community.

We are unable to see the truth because it has been so layered in the tapestry that our instant gratification media has woven around it. The way many religions distort it. The horrors of the world are all graphically displayed daily for our benefit. We kill, we maim. We hack each other to bits, daily, and it is so, gosh, overwhelming at times, we head to the mall for a bit of the shopping buzz to drive all the bad demons away that daily threaten to beat our doors in and take our homes and our children away from us.

Instead of heading to Target next time, try strolling across the street and see how your neighbor’s doing. Ask them how their kids are or their mom. It doesn’t matter. Don’t call ’em first. Be spontaneous. Throw caution to the wind and hold the door open for someone. Don’t force it on the freeway. It’s a timing thing anyway. You can’t be in the same space as the freightliner in front of you. Or the space in the parking lot or the shopping-cart pinball at the grocery store.

We all need to stop blaming each other and start loving each other or I’m not going to let your kid play with my kid anymore.

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