Breakbeat goddess blesses the turntables |

Breakbeat goddess blesses the turntables

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Special to the Daily DJ MLE may look sweet, but she's mean on the wheels of steel. She spins Wednesday at Samana.

VAIL – Once upon a time, in the early 1990s, 13-year-old Emily Javors set out to make mix tapes for all her friends. She wished more than anything that there was a way she could mix the songs together and form one continuous song to share with everyone. Little did she know, her wish would one day come true.

Soon after, Javors, now known to fans as DJ MLE, arrived into the electronic dance music scene. The first “nu skool breakbeat” record she ever heard captured her soul, and soon the DJ within was born with a unique ear for the broken beat. After learning how to work the decks, she emerged quickly in the Denver club scene as one of Colorado’s best in town – and the hottest. She booked a weekly residency in the basement at Denver’s Club Vinyl, and soon was given her own weekend Friday night headlining slot.

DJ MLE is the only woman so far in Colorado history to win Westword’s Best Club DJ award, awarded to Denver’s favorite Club DJ, presented to her in 2003. That same year she won the title of The Breakbeat Goddess because of the way she has consistently pounded new and intelligent breakbeat into the souls of Colorado’s club-goers every weekend for the last 10 years.

People, not just in Colorado, are taking notice. BreaksFM, an online breakbeat streaming radio station, contacted DJ MLE for a slot in their regular line up. Here, she has acquired fans all over the world. Stanton, makers of professional DJ equipment, was next in line and asked to sponsor MLE, and with those two professional breaks, she’s toured the country with her records. On Wednesday, she blesses the decks at Samana at 10 p.m.In the studio, MLE has worked on several different projects. In March 2006, she released the Dirty Girls Vs Silas track “Daddy’s Little Girl” on Beatport. For next year, she plans on creating her own album with dark, funky breaks and her vocals interlaced throughout.

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