Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center becomes a reality |

Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center becomes a reality

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn Pope/Special to the Daily Dr. Jan Ugale, Rosana Faessler, Doug Runckel, Sarah Moody of the Medical Center with Suzy Donohue.

EDWARDS – If it’s possible to be comfortable and at ease during a breast exam, cancer treatment or a biopsy, the Shaw Regional Cancer Center will find a way to do it. The latest addition to the Shaw Regional Cancer Center is a giant leap in that direction. Fortunately, they have assistance from lots of generous people. One of those people is Rosana Faessler.Rosana experienced breast cancer personally. Her mother died of the disease and she has taken on the mission to do whatever she can to help those who are diagnosed and to ease the screening process. She has helped raise more than $700,000 which she, along with the Sonnenalp Foundation, have given to the Shaw Center. Her idea of the new addition took root almost exactly a year ago, and it will bloom in a few short months.This spring, the new Sonnenalp Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center will open. It’s a part of the Shaw Regional Cancer Center and is opening in a new, previously unoccupied 2,600-square-foot space in the north wing. The $500,000 expansion is scheduled to open this spring, and will include a private entrance and dressing rooms, and a comfortable and appealing waiting area complete with flat-screened TV’s projecting soothing images.

“The whole concept of breast imaging is a serious issue for women,” said Ed O’Brien, chief executive of Vail Valley Medical Center. “For the center to be private, comforting and comfortable is just as important as the technology and imaging.”It’s not only about making the patients comfortable. The center will feature state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and procedures, such as stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsy and full-field digital mammography. These procedures allow for small tissue samples to be extracted under local anesthesia. Patients typically are discharged immediately with very few complications, and the procedures are usually much less expensive than surgery. Scott Boie of the medical center is excited for the future and the possibilities it holds. “There’s great potential for creating new ideas and models. The Shaw Regional Cancer Center is forward thinking, innovative, and utilizing its strategic partnerships,” he said.Not only will patients be treated by the Shaw’s very best, but doctors can have almost instantaneous consultations with doctors from virtually all over the world through high-quality image transmission over DSL with the ability to view multi-modal images known as “e-film.”

“We talked with five cancer survivors and asked them what they wanted to have. Each one had been treated at the Shaw Center, and they told us what they hoped for,” said Colleen Berga, imaging coordinator. “I’m really excited to have this for my techs, too.””I’m so happy the technology is available here,” added Joan Allen, a breast cancer survivor. “It’s like a best-case scenario for a bad situation.”To make an appointment at the Sonnenalp Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center call 569-7690. For more information on Vail Valley Medical Center, call 479-5085 or visit at high altitudeAt the ground-breaking ceremony for the Sonnenalp Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center: “So, what trees did your relatives swing in?”

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