Breck Film Festival changes to summer |

Breck Film Festival changes to summer

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BRECKENRIDGE – See you in September – no more.After 26 years as a fall event, the Breckenridge Film Festival is changing its dates to June 7-10 for the 2007 event.While the time of year will be different, the festival’s essential character will remain the same. Festival president Karin Penegor said, “June is equally well-suited to the casual and interactive atmosphere that has made the Breckenridge Film Festival special. The festival has always been enhanced by its beautiful mountain environment and June will provide as perfect a setting for the event as September always has.”Penegor said the many film festivals that occur in the fall (in Colorado and throughout the world) make it harder for people to make it to Breckenridge. Also the early summer is a good fit with the town.”This type of event is very welcome during June, which has typically been a slower time of year,” Vanessa Flaherty with the town of Breckenridge said. Penegor wanted to emphasize that the new dates do not mean a change in the festival’s fundamental goals – hosting stellar guests, presenting exceptional premieres and independent films, and creating an event to be shared by filmmakers and film-goers alike. “We are pleased there are no red carpets, no velvet ropes at Breckenridge … and that tradition will continue,” Penegor said. The 2007 Breckenridge Film Festival will feature forums, panel discussions and seminars throughout the weekend and continue its educational programs in association with the University of Colorado Film Studies Department. Jeffrey Lyons, NBC film critic and co-host of ReelTalk, and Ben Lyons, movie correspondent for The E! Network, will continue to host the festival and conduct interviews with guests at open forums and post-screening Q-and-A sessions. The festival Web site,, will soon carry the Call for Independent Film Entries as well as general information for the June 7-10, 2007, Breckenridge Film Festival. Vail, Colorado

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