Breck man wins "Fear Factor’ |

Breck man wins "Fear Factor’

Kimberly Nicoletti
Summit Daily/Reid WilliamsThere's no fear in these eyes: Breckenridge resident Scott Turner appears on NBC's "Fear Factor" show next week.

BRECKENRIDGE – A second man from the mountains has achieved reality T.V. glory.

“It’s all for you, Christy, all for you.”

Those were Scott Turner’s last words on Monday night’s episode of “Fear Factor,” after he won $50,000.

Turner, who has lived and worked seasonally in Breckenridge since 1999 in the transportation department at Breckenridge Ski Resort, competed against five other people in NBC’s “Fear Factor” in November.

The stress he faced climbing a pole on a helicopter, dunking his head in smelly cheese, eating live grasshoppers, diving in a tank full of moray eels and driving a car onto a flatbed truck paled in comparison to the stress of keeping the secret he won for three months.

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But Monday night, Turner celebrated with more than 50 of his buddies as they watched the 90-minute special episode at the Dredge in Breckenridge.

“I couldn’t hear a thing over the hoots and hollers,” he said of watching the show. “Someone taped it for me, so I’m going to go home and watch it and see what I had to say.”

He already knows he had plenty to say about Christy, whom he calls his soul mate. Turner has been searching for Christy for two years. They met at a reggae concert in California, spent two hours together, and Turner fell in love.

Knowing only her first name and birth date, he flew to California twice after the concert within a two-month time period and posted 2,000 fliers throughout Sacramento with the heading, “Desperately seeking Christy.”

“(Now) I just want to find Christy and find out where I go from here,” Turner said. “I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame. I’m done.”

Or at least almost done. Like Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter before, people already started to recognize him Monday night. A woman from New Zealand asked, “Did you find the lady?”

“Not yet,” he had to say, but “Fear Factor” executive producer Matt Kunitz said it would be hard for Christy not to hear about Turner, because 19 million people tuned in to last Monday’s show.

While Turner waits for Christy’s call, he plans to use about $8,000 to send his parents to New Zealand so they can visit their daughter and grandchildren. He also plans to buy a four-wheel drive Ford F150 to replace his 1995 two-wheel drive.

And, if Christy surfaces and falls in love with him, he’s ready to spend the money on a “big, fat diamond.”

If Christy was watching “Fear Factor,” she saw Turner’s head completely covered in smelly, yellow cheese as he ate live grasshoppers.

It looked doubtful Turner would progress to the next level when he took more than three minutes to dunk his head into a vat of the stinkiest cheese known to man, bite into five chunks, then eat five grasshoppers.

“Those suckers were, like, 6-inches long,” he said.

“The moment that you crunch down, there is a squirt of juice that comes in your mouth,” said competitor Claudia Agudelo, who lost that round.

“And you can’t imagine how bad that cheese smelled,” Turner added. “I swear to God I smelled that cheese for four days. I can’t do fondue (anymore).”

Christy also may have seen him struggle for more than five minutes as he retrieved keys to a 2004 Mazda from a tank of moray eels.

“My only excuse is I’m a cigarette smoker,” he said. “I got out of breath immediately. But if I find Christy, I’m quitting.”

Initially, Turner blew the competition away by crawling out on a pole attached to a helicopter and removing and replacing flags in 38 seconds, compared to other competitors’ more than 70-second times.

He plans to return to his summer home in Salem, Ore., in a couple of weeks. “I want to get ready because I feel like I’m going to find Christy,” he said.

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