Breck to enforce 6,700 parking tickets |

Breck to enforce 6,700 parking tickets

Ryan Slabaugh

BRECKENRIDGE – It’s time to pay those parking tickets.Due to upgraded technology, Breckenridge parking officials will be enforcing a decade-old town ordinance allowing automobiles with three or more unpaid parking tickets to be towed.According to Trish Holcroft, parking operations supervisor, more than 6,700 outstanding parking tickets more than 20 days old are on the books, and about 200 people have more than three and are in “tow danger.” To the town, the tickets, which date back the last three years, represent more than $134,000, or $20 per ticket.”That’s actually conservative,” Holcroft said. “It doesn’t count the $100 handicap violations.”Holcroft said they wanted to give locals enough time to pay tickets before the enforcement begins on Saturday.”A lot of people may not know how many they have,” she said.The thousands of tickets is striking, even to Holcroft. While the town didn’t analyze the exact number of tickets belonging to tourists who fled town, she did look at the history associated with some of the penalties.”It looked like some pattern to folks coming in for a season, racking up three or more tickets, and then leaving,” Holcroft said. “We certainly have a process to track them through DMV records to their last known address.”Jason Kendrick, lead parking control officer, spends about half his time on the streets and half his time in the office. He explained, for the most part, the cars he tickets are half local and half from out of state. Plus, he said, rental cars play a tricky factor, too, in identifying the culprits.The enforcement system works like this: Parking enforcement officials regularly enter license plates in two-hour zones downtown on Main and Ridge streets. New technology allows them to connect hand-held data-entry machines to a record of parking violations. So, if you’re legally parked on Main Street but have past parking tickets, enforcement officials will know as soon as your license number goes into the machine.Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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