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Breckenridge bachelor on TV again?

Robert Allen
Summit County, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyBreckenridge snowboarder Jesse Csincsak could return to reality TV if a Montana grandmother has her way.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado ” As of late Tuesday morning, the petition had accrued more than 1,386 signatures toward a goal of 2,000 to bring Csincsak back to reality television after the relationship he formed on “Bachelorette” soured.

“They did this with the Bachelor on there right now ” Jason Mesnick from Seattle ” to get him on there,” Lynn Pinkerton said. “They had 1,600 signatures for him.”

Pinkerton, of Melstone, Mont., “never really” watched the show until she saw Csincsak donning a multi-colored jacket to catch the eye of Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas.

“He’s completely different from anybody else I saw on there,” Pinkerton said. “I just kind of started watching it and got hooked on it.”

She started the petition about a week before Thanksgiving Day and intends to submit it to ABC casting once the goal is reached.

The petition, available at, includes a variety of supportive signatures from across the country and Canada.

“My wife and her friends already have the ‘Jesse’ parties planned for Bachelor night….make Jesse the next Bachelor,” wrote Dean Haight of Canada.

And Chris Janssen of Tennessee said:

“To ABC: OMG!! ” Jesse is a rock star. Big mistake if you don’t give him a chance as the next Bachelor ” ratings will explode!”

Csincsak said that though he’s never met Pinkerton, he’s received her e-mails and support “from day one.”

Regarding the possiblity of starring as a future Bachelor, he said: “I’m not necessarily opposed, but ABC hasn’t offered me anything.”

He added that his contract with the network restricts what he’s able to disclose to the public.

Though Csincsak may have won Pappas’ heart and asked her to marry him on national TV, the two broke up last month. Csincsak said he appreciates the positive reinforcement he’s received from fans.

Pinkerton said she hopes he finds someone, as he’s “a very genuine person.”

She’s seen the heartbreaks that her 22-year-old son ” a Marine who recently returned from Iraq ” has gone through.

“He’s probably glad I’m bugging someone else besides him,” Pinkerton said.

The colorful jacket Csincsak wore early in the season was auctioned through eBay to Pam Jenkins, of Buford, Ga. for $1,500.

The money went to Just Snowboarding Ambitious Kids, Csincsak’s non-profit organization that provides opportunities to promote snowboarders who have Olympic aspirations.

Like Pinkerton, Jenkins ” also a grandmother ” was intrigued by the romantic hopeful’s bold, unconventional attire.

“He wore it to basically set himself apart from the other 24 guys ” kind of the outside-of-the-proverbial-box kind of guy,” Jenkins said in an e-mail. “Well, it caught the Bachelorette’s attention for sure.”

Csincsak said he bought the jacket at Goods in Breckenridge at the advice of a good friend.

He said the extra attention he’s received since appearing on the TV program certainly has its pros and cons.

“No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s always someone watching,” Csincsak said.

The professional snowboarder lately has been instructing a young aspirant on the Breckenridge Ski Resort slopes for “Made,” a reality show on MTV.

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