Breckenridge Film Festival expands Adventure Reel program series |

Breckenridge Film Festival expands Adventure Reel program series

Pete McBride and Sam Walton paddle Reach 3 and 4 during the 2014 historic pulse flow in the dry Colorado River Delta of Mexico, all part of a binational agreement for restoration. It was the first SUP descent — and possibly the last — across this section of river, and it's chronicled in “Delta Dawn," one of the short films screening at the Breckenridge Film Festival.
Peter McBride | Special to the Daily |

Adventure Reel schedule

Riverwalk Center, Breckenridge

Saturday, Sept. 19

3 p.m. — “River of Eden” (6 minutes); “Delta Dawn” (17); “A Deliberate Life” (33); “The Rocky Mountains Traverse” (53); “Nature Rx” (4)

6 p.m. — “Bob Craig Memorial” (7 minutes); “X: The Search for Freedom” (94)

9 p.m. — “Afterglow” (11 minutes); “Sugar Mountain” (45); “The Frozen Titans” (52)

Sunday, Sept. 20

6:30 p.m. — “Being Evel” (102 minutes)

BRECKENRIDGE — Introduced in 2013, the Breckenridge Film Festival’s Adventure Reel has expanded its programming for the 35th annual festival. Today, the full lineup of Adventure Reel films up for audience awards takes place from 3 to 11 p.m.

“Being Evel,” a fascinating, exhaustive and well-researched documentary about daredevil motorbike star Evel Knievel created by Colorado’s own Daniel Junge, closes out the festival on Sunday night at the Riverwalk Center.

According to critics, this new documentary on Knievel is unlike others in that it’s not just a biography of a saint. Instead, it details a 360-degree view of Knievel, including his darker nature and volatile personality. The film has breathtaking and stomach-turning footage, including its centerpiece — the attempted jump across the Grand Canyon in a purpose-built miniature rocket — and the speculations surrounding what might have gone wrong.

Junge won his Oscar for “Saving Face” in 2012 for Best Short Subject Documentary. He was also nominated for an Oscar in 2010. Junge will be in attendance at the festival and at the Closing Night Wrap Party at Briar Rose following the film. Tickets for the Closing Night awards, film and party are $15.

The all-day adventure programming today means fun for all ages, as shorts and a feature-length film on adventure and the outdoors show on the Riverwalk Center’s big screen from 3 to 11 p.m. The day is broken into three “blocks” of film, priced at $10 per session. Alternatively, visitors may purchase all-day access for $25.

Programming for the Adventure Reel includes a paragliding voyage across the Canadian Rockies in Red Bull Media House’s “The Rockies Traverse,” a meditation on the outdoors and intentional living in “A Deliberate Life,” a study of light during a night-time ski session in Sweetgrass Entertainment’s “Afterglow” and a look at rivers in our backyard and across the world in Fiji through the lenses of Peter McBride in “Delta Dawn” and “River of Eden.”

Featured in the Adventure Reel this year is the “Bob Craig Memorial” film, which showcases Craig, the quiet mountaineering giant who passed away in early 2015, but not before making a huge imprint on Summit County by way of founding The Keystone Center — now the Keystone Policy Center — a global solutions center that parented the Keystone Science School before recently parting ways.

The short film precedes the feature-length “X: The Search for Freedom,” which is the story of a cultural revolution grounded in living in the moment and doing what makes you feel most alive, as seen through the eyes of pioneers and top practitioners of action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and more. It’s an uprising that has changed the face of recreation in only a few decades, with an electrifying new world in place through energy and imagination and the infinite possibilities of self-expression available to anyone willing to drop in.

Tickets for all shows, plus extended film descriptions and a full schedule for the Breckenridge Film Festival, are available online at http://www.breckfilm

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