Breckenridge: Man falls off van while ‘hitching’ taxi ride |

Breckenridge: Man falls off van while ‘hitching’ taxi ride

Robert Allen
Breckenridge, Colorado

BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado “-Two men tried to hang a ride on the back of a taxi van at 1:45 a.m. Sunday in Breckenridge, Colorado when one lost his grip and fell to the pavement, according to witness accounts in a Breckenridge Police Department press release.

An injured man, age 41, was found unconscious at the intersection of South Main Street and Washington Avenue. He was taken by ambulance to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center.

Police have not released his name.

Witnesses report the two men jumped on the rear bumper of a white Chevrolet minivan while it was southbound on Main Street.

A 1998 Chevrolet Astro taxi cab was found a short time later with fresh handprints on the rear that corresponded with the witness statements, according to police.

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The incident doesn’t qualify as a traffic accident under state law, as the injuries resulted from an intentional act and occurred without the knowledge or consent of the driver, according to officials.

“We interviewed the driver and passengers, and they had absolutely no knowledge how long they were back there,” said Breckenridge assistant chief Greg Morrison.

He said it isn’t known whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, adding that incidents like this don’t occur often.

“It’s pretty rare,” he said, adding that in instances elsewhere kids have been caught hanging on to the exterior of motor vehicles “like you see in movies.”

Any witnesses to Sunday’s incident who haven’t already been interviewed are asked to contact the police department at (970) 453-2941.

Anyone with any information regarding this case, specifically the identity of the second person who jumped off the van, is asked to call Summit County Crime Stoppers at 1-866-453-STOP.

Crime stoppers pays up to $1,000 in reward for information on criminal cases, and those who report are allowed to remain anonymous, according to the press release.

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