Brian Sipes: Avon, Colorado, nees Amy Phillips |

Brian Sipes: Avon, Colorado, nees Amy Phillips

Brian Sipes
Avon, CO, Colorado

I mean it. Avon, Colorado, really does need Amy Phillips for another four years on the Avon Town Council. Maybe it is because we both have roots in Minnesota, but I believe Amy has an amazing capacity to listen and to entertain all views no matter how different from her own. She thrives on making her judgments with the benefit of seemingly widely ranging input.

Amy’s experience in marketing brings valuable insight to the council on trends in the resort and local lodging industries. This insight has helped Avon stay financially healthy due to nimble forecasting based on what is really happening in these industries that play such a large roll in the town’s tax base.

With so many truly exciting planning projects that are poised to transform Avon into the pedestrian friendly community it has always strived to be, Amy’s experience over the last four years and previously on the comprehensive plan committee, is invaluable.

So please join me and re-elect Amy Phillips to the Avon Town Council.

Brian Sipes Avon

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