Bricklin charms cast, crew into taking a chance |

Bricklin charms cast, crew into taking a chance

Wren Wertin
Vail Daily/Wren WertinChris Elwood and Jenni Pulos both star in "Minimum Wage," a meandering film that deals with a slew of odd people.

As cast and crew filters in, there’s an excited buzz surrounding “Minimum Wage,” Bricklin’s first full-length feature film to be shot throughout Eagle County in the next two weeks.

Who said begging, pleading and promising your first born doesn’t work anymore? Through sheer willpower, and perhaps charm, he’s brought in experienced actors and crew members, all working for the big goose egg.

“We really believe in Jonathan. His vision as a director is really unique,” said Jenni Pulos, rapper and actor. “And that’s what make an indy movie have a chance at domestic distribution. Ever since I’ve known him he’s had a camera in his hand.”

Pulos has been in five independent films in the past year, and “Minimum Wage” is the one she’s been looking forward to most. She credits her excitement to the concept of working with friends she believes in.

Pulos arrived in Colorado last night with her husband, Chris Elwood, an actor and rapper as well. She also travels with her entourage, rapping action figures, which number 100.

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“I’m in a rap band in L.A., and since I’m a Homie, I like to carry my peeps with me,” she explained. “And besides, they’re coming out with a Homie of me, called Lil’ Pu.”

Matthew Silverman, creative director and breakfast chef for the film, is also in town. He’s worked with Bricklin on a few projects, and thinks this is the best yet.

“This movie was given birth when Jonathan woke up all of a sudden and realized he had to make his movie. And I knew it would get done,” he said. “It’s talented friends supporting talented friends.”

As for Bricklin, he’s poised in the calm before the storm, which will certainly come.

“Everything has gone right,” said Bricklin. “So far.”

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