Briefs: Award winner plans global commute |

Briefs: Award winner plans global commute

Special to the DailyLeslie Kehmeier, who commutes by bicycle 13 miles from her home in Gypsum to work in Eagle, is the valley's commuter of the year.

EAGLE COUNTY ” Leslie Kehmeier rides to work to save gas and get exercise. But she’s also planning to run around the world with her husband, Chris.

That’s why Kehmeier, who lives in Gypsum, was chose the 2007 ECO Trails Commuter of the year.

Leslie and Chris Kehmeier, who live in Gypsum, have long planned to ride across the world and will spend two-and-a-half years traveling through North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Along the way, they plan to promote cycling as a environmentally friend mode of transportation, even for long trips, the Kehmeiers say.

“Bicycles are a human-powered means of recreation and transportation. They are both necessity and luxury ” they give people a sense of freedom and empowerment. Bicycles provide mobility and promote a healthy lifestyle,” Leslie says on her Web site,

The Kehmeiers will post photos and stories about their trip on the Web site.

Closer to home, Leslie rides 13 miles regularly from her home in Gypsum to work in Eagle. She says she commutes on her single-speed bicycle ” which doesn’t have gears that can get clogged by mud ” about 2,000 miles a year in all types of weather.

This saves her around $970 a year on gas and keeps about a ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, she says.

As commuter of the year, Kehmeier has won two to any summer event at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek, dinner for two at any Beaver Creek Restaurant of choice, and some ECO Trails memorabilia.

EAGLE COUNTY ” The county has three awards for innovation in management and administration.

The county’s Community Development and Facilities Management departments won the following awards from the National Association of Counties for the following programs:

– Shaping the Future of Eagle Valley

– Eco-Build Efficient Building Program

– Mixing Work and Play: Miller Ranch Childcare and Community Center

Awards are given in more than 20 categories ranging from historic preservation to volunteer programs.

A complete list of awards can be found at:

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