Bright Future Foundation offering full services during uptick in domestic violence calls during COVID-19 restrictions |

Bright Future Foundation offering full services during uptick in domestic violence calls during COVID-19 restrictions

24/7 crisis hotline is available in English and Spanish

Bright Future Foundation offers a 24/7 Crisis Hotline, emergency shelter, financial aid housing program, food assistance and more for survivors of domestic abuse.
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For 35 years, the Bright Future Foundation has been empowering families and individuals in the community impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition to normal stressors such as financial difficulties and lack of food resources, stay-at-home orders are complicating situations for people living in abusive situations.

Bright Future Foundation is still offering its full range of services, including its 24/7 crisis hotline (970-949-7086). With a staff of 11 full-time employees and trained volunteers, the hotline is available in English and Spanish and is a tool for people seeking help and taking steps forward.

“We are extremely concerned that this is putting a lot of stress on families that were already stressed,” COO Holly Kasper-Blank said. “There has been an increase in domestic violence — we’re certainly getting more calls. We know it’s happening. We have to continue to navigate as a community to help people feel safe to make that next step, and that’s something that we do every day.”

Kasper-Blank said the hotline usually gets five to seven calls a week. These days, it’s more like 10 to 12. Through its housing program last year, Bright Future Foundation helped about a dozen survivors each month with direct financial aid. In March, the organization helped 25.

In addition to its 24/7 crisis hotline and housing program, Bright Future Foundation also offers advocacy services, mental health counseling, food assistance, buddy mentors and helps survivors find other assistance. It also manages an emergency shelter. All services continue to operate, although some are altered due to COVID-19 restriction.

“We’re here to help,” Kasper-Blank said. “It doesn’t matter if you want to call the police or not call the police, or ready to leave or not ready to leave, we’ll just talk to you. Our job is to talk to anybody who feels unsafe.”

Kasper-Blank said Bright Future Foundation is anticipating a rise in survivors reaching out once restrictions lift, people “holding on, getting by and going through really tough situations.”

Thanks to generous donors, thousands of hours from volunteers and dedicated staff, Bright Future Foundation will continue to be ready to offer its essential services.

For survivors curious about what kind of information comes across the 24/7 crisis hotline from the human on the other side: We’re telling survivors that we’re here to help,” Kasper-Blank said. “It’s really about listening and empowering.”

Call the 24/7 bilingual crisis hotline at 970-949-7086. For more information, to become a volunteer or to support the Bright Future Foundation, visit

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