Bring Ferry’s column back |

Bring Ferry’s column back

Josef Staufer, Vail

I am sorry we can no longer enjoy the weekly “political update” from Kaye Ferry.

Although my views differed many times from hers, her writing was always well-informed. I guess it pays off to go to all the meetings, which she still does.

For her to get laid off because of her telling the truth about Mr. Katz and Mr. Zemler not living in Vail is outrageous: One never pretended to live here, the other was going to live here “next year” for the past five years. Whether you like it or not, that is a fact.

I always thought that the job of a newspaper is to inform the public. If it’s something somebody doesn’t like, we shut them up? Is that the new way democracy works?

I think many of your readers would be grateful to you if you were to re-consider and re-instate Kaye’s column.

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