Bring on those letters |

Bring on those letters

Don Rogers

Our commitment is to run every last one of these letters that we receive, whatever the point of view of the author.

We say this today because an e-mail correspondent has suggested that we are not printing letters in opposition to the Middle Creek proposal in Vail. The e-mailer is dead wrong, for starters.

We want more letters, not less, and this forum is by no means limited to the poor souls who happen to agree with us on a particular issue. This is supposed to be a forum, after all, a place where each of us can holler out about a issue. How deadenly dull if everyone were to agree.

There are certain criteria to have a letter published that have nothing to do with what side of a public issue you take: We’re not going to print libel if we can help it, or invade privacy in a legal sense, or run letters about private matters such as which waitress made you mad or doctor cut on the wrong knee. And if you don’t sign your letter and give us a phone number we can check, then your letter won’t run, either.

Writing about Middle Creek – pro, con or somewhere between those poles – is as important an public issue as Vail faces right now. Please don’t hide behind some veil and whine about your conspiracy theories. But some timber in your spine and speak up. Let’s discuss this proposal up, down and sideways as a community.

In the punditry corner of the paper, we are solidly for this project and remain amazed at the lack of reason in the arguments against it. We’ve laid out pretty simple points about the arguments against the project – and we’re still waiting to be refuted in convincing fashion on any of them or for new arguments that make sense as reasons not to proceed. Our opinion, stated on the opinion page, is that there aren’t any. But there is an eye-of-the-beholder aspect to many of the arguments, pro and con.

So bring it on. Make your case. Weigh in. Don’t mumble baloney about the price of ink, that we’re afraid of your arguments or we’re up to anything other than saying in this corner what we believe to be the truth.

If you aren’t going to step up, then you have chosen not to be heard. It’s that simple. Quit blaming someone else for your failure of nerve or poverty of logic.

The only thing sadder than this mindset is the one of civic apathy. Well, maybe determined ignorance about issues that matter to each of our daily lives is even worse than that. Meantime, we love our letter writers, really, and most especially the ones who give us hell. Why? Because they are engaged. They are thinking. They might also be wrong, as might we be, but that should not stop either from speaking out.


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