Bring out your dead |

Bring out your dead

Wren Wertin
Illustration by Matt Bernhardt

It’s one big freak show.

Halloween is officially a vacation from being yourself. Whether you dream of being a prom queen or a green bean, the time is now.


8150 has a reputation for the biggest, longest party, running from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. It’s officially the last Halloween bash at the enormous nightclub, which will close its doors once and for all this April.

A $30 cover buys all the drinks you can handle, no restrictions.

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“Halloween here is just kind of maddening, like crazy,” said Steve Kovacik, co-owner. “This is the biggest Halloween party in the valley, as usual. We always throw the biggest parties.”

The costume contest includes $1,000 in prizes for most creative ($800) and sexiest ($200) costumes.

“We always vote by crowd participation, and everyone would go nuts for the sexiest costume,” he said. “But that’s not all it’s about, so we’re doing both.”

Last year was a rambunctious night at the club.

“I sat in awe,” said bartender Mike Feichtinger, who had the pleasure of working it.

Four DJs will be spinning all night long, including Kid Twist from New York City, local DJ Nate, Hal Coleman from Orlando and Vailite DJ Sonic.,

“It’s going to be hip hop stuff until midnight or so and then it will be house,” said Kovacik.

Half Moon Saloon

Back by popular demand, the Jonny Mogambo Band is putting on a show for the Half Moon’s party.

“It’s gonna be the rage,” promised Jonny Mogambo. “It’s going to be our party, funky, upbeat show – that’s what we’re bringing. Halloween is spooky. It’s just one big party.”

The Jonny Mogambo Band is a five-piece funk-rock outfit including Mogambo on guitar and lead vocals, vocalist Darci Roe, sax man Andrew Vogt, funky drummer Carl Comerford and bassist Geoff Gilkes.

“We’re all dressing up,” he continued. “You’re behind blue eyes, it’s time to make believe.”

Grand prize for the costume contest is a trip for two to Las Vegas. Other prizes include gift certificates and more.

“We had by far the best costume contest last year,” said Moon owner Justin Hurley.

He’s usually found weaving about his own party, dressed in some sort of Irish garb.

Main Street Grill

Edwards will be hopping at Main Street Grill. In addition to the traditional costume contest, Red 32 will be playing modern rock.

“We’ve had a couple good parties over the years,” said Chris Heiden, owner. “They all kind of wash together. Now that it’s a Friday, it’s up for grabs.”

There’s no cover for the party.


The employees of Mustang’s Bar and Grill, Ore House are taking liberties with their name. For Halloween, it will be Mustang’s Bar and Grill Whorehouse.

Though they’ll be in costume, nobody has to show up in costume to feel at home.

“We’re all dressing up like a Mustang ranch,” said Brooke Barnette. “It will be more relaxed for people. Most people don’t want to drive to Vail and then drive back drunk.”


Two DJs will be spinning on both levels of Sanctuary for their party.

“We’re having our annual Heaven and Hell Halloween bash,” said Kelly Lampani.

Cash and prize giveaways will go to most creative, sexiest and scariest costumes. There’s no cover.

Lampani and a crew of co-workers will be a troupe of girl scouts and brownies. It probably won’t be as innocent as it sounds.

“It’s a fun evening during the year that gives you a chance to dress up like anything in the world without anybody knowing who you are.”

The Bridge

Solution – Scott Stoughton and DJ Dot Com – will be mixing it up at The Bridge. No cover for the party, which includes a costume contest.

“It’s my favorite holiday,” said Stoughton. “It’s the best time to be playing out. You’re behind the mask, you get to be your alter ego.”

Doors open at 9 p.m. and the party goes until late.

The Club

When The Club owner Todd Milner dressed as a clown a couple years ago, nobody took him seriously. He’s learned his lesson, but won’t divulge his costume plans.

“Our costume contest usually winds up being both the sexiest and the naughtiest out there,” he said. “I think that’s because the reputation of The Club as a place where we can push the envelope and have a fun time doing it.”

He promises a couple thousand dollars worth of contest prizes, including cash, skis, Budweiser jackets and more. Mission 19 will be playing. During a set break at midnight, they’ll begin judging costumes.


Tongo’s and FuBar are hosting Halloween together at their respective ends of Bridge Street. The festivities begin early at Tongo’s, and then continue late night at FuBar. The big ticket prize is two Colorado VIP ski passes, which grant access to 23 ski resorts. Cash and Avalanche tickets round out the prize list.

“You can be judged early at Tongo’s or later at FuBar,” said Milner, partner of FuBar.

State Bridge Lodge

Things will be downright spooky at State Bridge Lodge, which has its own resident ghosts. Just to help with the flavor of things, the crew at the lodge has decorated the place in a haunted vein.

“It’s definitely haunted,” said Scott Stoughton. “There have been all kinds of sightings. You hear people square dancing upstairs when nobody is in the building. I’ve heard some crazy stuff.”

Local musician Johnny Bacon and the Strip will be dishing out the tunes. Some of the cabins are still available for those wanting to make a weekend of it.

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