Bring your memories to Warren Miller Day, set for April 7 in Vail |

Bring your memories to Warren Miller Day, set for April 7 in Vail

Chris Anthony is asking the general public to bring their memories of Warren Miller to Warren Miller Legacy Day in Vail on April 7. Festivities will start on Vail Mountain in the afternoon and extend into the evening in Vail, where Miller used to live.
Daniel Milchev | Special to the Daily


Saturday, April 7

3 p.m. — Commemorative ski down Vail Mountain from the top of Mountain Top Express (Chair No. 4) to Mid-Vail.

4 to 6 p.m. — Legacy Celebration at Sarge’s Mid-Vail, with live music and guest speakers and cash bar and appetizers for sale. All guests must download Gondola One to Vail Village at 6 p.m.

3 p.m. to close — Legacy After Party Celebrations at Bridge Street Bar, Pepi’s and Vendetta’s in Vail Village; Tavern on the Square and the Vail Chophouse in Lionshead Village; and Coyote Cafe in Beaver Creek.

VAIL — Vail will be a perfect location for a Warren Miller celebration, said skier Chris Anthony, who has starred in 28 Warren Miller movies.

Miller died on Wednesday, Jan. 24, at the age of 93, after producing more than 500 ski films.

Anthony said that body of work, and its ability to travel beyond the ski industry, will make Miller go down in history as the American with the largest impact on skiing.

“If you consider his name being on films for 68, 69 years now, seen by millions of people every year,” Anthony said. “I bet he had more impact on the ski industry than any other individual there is.”


Miller’s family — along with Anthony, Vail Mountain and others — is currently planning a celebration for Saturday, April 7, in Vail. There will be a legacy celebration on Vail Mountain, with live music and guest speakers, followed by a commemorative ski down the mountain. Afterwards, Anthony said, the party will spill out into the streets of Vail, which Miller called home for many years.

“Vail will be a wonderful place to celebrate his life,” Anthony said. “(Miller) lived here for quite some time.”

It was during those years when Anthony, who grew up watching Warren Miller movies, first met Miller.

“I tracked down his house, went and knocked on the door, Warren opened, to my surprise, scared the heck out of me,” Anthony said.

A year later, Anthony got a call to be in his first Warren Miller film after finishing well in a competition. Not long after that, Anthony happened upon Miller in a different part of the world.

“I was working on a fishing boat in Maui. On a day off, I was walking along the beach and happened to come across Warren’s house,” Anthony said. “He was inside, actually doing the voiceover for the segment that I had just shot.”

Those voiceovers became a hallmark of Miller’s legacy, and later as writer and columnist, we would hear it in our heads as we read his words.

“He made us laugh,” Anthony said. “And his character, his personality, his voice played into our lives.”


Anthony said he has been approached by “too many people to count” over the years with stories of the far-reaching effects a Warren Miller movie had on their lives.

“People who had never skied would see a clip from one of his films, and they would want to try skiing after that,” Anthony said. “And their lives would be forever changed.”

Anthony said April 7 is the time to share those stories, as the reunion at Vail will feature skiers, filmmakers, producers and many others who worked on those films over the years.

“This is going to be a reunion for a lot of the athletes, past cameramen and anybody involved,” Anthony said. “But what’s really great is it will be for the general public, as well. Everybody is welcome to attend and share stories of Warren.”

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